Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tulip Stoneham

Sometimes I get a craving for American Chinese, fortunately, it isn't too often, so I decided to pay another visit to Tulip in Stoneham. They have one of these humongous buffets at lunch.

Onion Rings, not really edible, Crab Claw, still trying to figure what's in it. fake crab and avocado maki was OK. Boneless spareribs were nice and greasy. Chicken wing was OK. "Fresh Scallops" wasn't really and I doubt it was scallop either. Shrimp dumpling was OK, bit lacking in shrimp.

I had high hopes for Clams in Black Bean sauce but the sauce was way too sweet but the clams was cooked perfectly, baked seafood, no comment, Barbecued Pork was excellent the last time, can't say the same today, very dry apart from the small end-piece. Butter Shrimp was OK. The addition of some chili oil helped a lot.

More Butter Shrimp, the Barbecued Chicken was actually pretty good, Still trying to figure out the Crab Claw and the Scallops but no luck. Shrimp dumplings and Tasty Green Beans. I must admit that the Tasty Green Beans was probably the highlight of the lunch. Service was good and they were really busy. I think for the money Mandarin in Reading is way better.

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