Friday, August 1, 2014

Pennypacker's Somerville

I had another place in mind for lunch today but when I saw Pennypacker's menu posted on Facebook there wasn't really any choice.

Look at all that good stuff! Parts of it might even be healthy. Note, it doesn't say Beef Tartare.

Hoisin Glazed Smoked Pork Belly Sandwich with grilled bok choy, fried egg, wasabi ginger potato chips. Delicious and the potato chips was interesting. Buns was toasted perfectly and the pork belly was tender and really tasty.

Bare brick walls but they have some photos up.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sichuan Gourmet Billerica

Almost done exploring the lunch menu at Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica. There is one more after today but I'll skip that one since I think I already had a spicy variant of the Pork w. Vegetables & Chinese Mushrooms last week. No picture of the soup today!

I didn't have much hope for the "Chicken & Asparagus w. Cheng Du Special Sauce" but it was surprisingly good. The sauce was rich and tasty and the asparagus was cooked really well and the chicken was tender. I finished the whole thing, apart from 98% of the enormous mound of rice. Seriously busy today with four large parties with advanced reservations.
Conclusion? I think that the Spare Ribs Noodle Soup and the Sichuan Double Cooked Bacon are the best dishes on the lunch menu. Everything else ranges from good to very good. Least favorite was last weeks Pork w. Yu Xiang Sauce. What surprised me was that the Hot and Sour Wonton Soup was so delicious that it is now put into the rotation here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Taipei Gourmet Lexington

Haven't had duck for a while so I'm heading out to Taipei Gourmet in Lexington to remedial that. Beautiful dry day today.

Traditional Taiwanese Rice plate with crispy duck. Rice was a bit dry and the Bok Choy was overcooked but the duck was fine and that's what matters.

Davio'S Lynnfield

Davio's in Lynnfield, in conjunction with Whole Foods and starting in August, will be offering a Monday Market Menu that will utilize ingredients grown and available at the new Rooftop Farm at Whole Foods Market at Market Street in Lynnfield.

Nice seating at what they call the Chef's table. I always find it fascinating to watch the chefs working.

The dinner started with some nice bread and spreads. I really liked the eggplant with spicy peppers.

Antipasto. Green Tomato-Cucumber Gazpacho with Maine Lobster. This was really good and very tasty. It was also a bit chunky and that gave it a nice texture.

Farinaceo. Bucatini, Baby Arugula, Purple Beans, Vermont Butter, Shaved Ricotta Salata. I had to ask what farinaceo meant and it means "From the Garden". I have never seen this on a menu in Italy and neither had the waiter who had spent time there. Another tasty dish with the bucatini made in house, got asparagus instead of the beans but that was fine since I do like asparagus.

Piatti Del Giorno. Grilled Swordfish with Purple, Orange Carrots, Grilled Eggplant, Charmoula Sauce and Dill Crème Fraîche. Perfectly cooked fish with some nice grilled veggies and colorful carrots. I must admit that the Charmoula sauce was really tasty.

The we walked over to Whole Foods for a tour of the 17000 sq feet roof top garden. The store itself is about 50000 sq feet so the whole roof is not utilized. They expect to get about 10000 lbs of produce out of the garden. The garden is run by an external company who basically delivers the produce to Whole Foods.

Then it was back to Davio'S for Dolce. Blueberry Torte with Mascarpone Lemon Gelato. Crispy pastry filled with blueberries and a very nice ice cream.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Noodles & Company Burlington

Even thinking about it for a while, the name still doesn't make sense to me but it was time for a second visit to Noodles & Company in Burlington. I wonder how they will do in the winter when there is no outside seating, the inside is fairly small with a limited number of seats.

A large Wisconsin Mac & Cheese with a $1 bowl of Chicken Soup. Note to self, next time order a small, this could feed a couple of people. It was OK nice and cheesy but the noodles was way to al dente for me, bordered on undercooked. The Chicken Soup was very tasty especially the chicken.

Add on some Sriracha and everything is suddenly much better. I was looking for ketchup but didn't find any so this would have to do. Ketchup? That's how we roll in Sweden with Mac.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thai E-Sarn Cuisine Arlington

I'm continuing the exploration of the newly translated Thai menu at Thai E-Sarn Cuisine in Arlington. Nothing really exciting yet but I have hope.

Larb Woon Sen with Chicken or Pork (ลำบวุ้นเส้น). Northeastern style Larb is a spicy and sour salad of minced cooked meat added woon sen(glass noodle), shallots or onions, lime juice, fish sauce, chili, ground roasted rice and fresh mint. I asked for this to be Thai Authentic and I think that's the secret code word since this was excellent. It had a perfect mix of the basics "sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy". I also liked the addition of the glass noodles, made it into a more substantial portion. This is the pork version. New waitress today so I didn't get the free lunch salad.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Del Frisco's Grille Burlington

Time for a second visit to Del Frisco's Grille in Burlington for some more Friday Splurge. I was happy with my first visit during their first week of being open.

Time to try the Lamb Burger that comes with Roasted Tomato, Arugula, Tzatziki Sauce, Frites. I asked for the Tzatziki Sauce on the side, I wasn't sure if I would like it, but it was a nice accoutrement to the burger. The burger was cooked medium rare as ordered but wasn't very lamby and this time the fries lacked seasoning.