Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sichuan Palace Chelmsford

I haven't been back to Sichuan Palace in Chelmsford since November and then it was freezing inside but with the heat on outside it should be safe to go back. I recognized two of the waitresses who have been there since they opened. They still have to humungous signs above table A4 and A5 and they have been there since they opened.

The menu said Pork Pickle Noodle Soup ($7.95). It was a fairly small bowl, but full of thin noodles that were cooked nicely and the pickled vegetable was tasty. The pork was a bit mushy but not bad and the soup just got better the longer the veggies was in there. Overall a very nice lunch and they were impressively busy today.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Red Pepper Framingham

I have heard good things about Red Pepper in Framingham so I decided to make a road trip today and head down there and check the place out. They label themselves as Authentic Sichuan Chinese Cuisine and after looking at the menu I think I agree. All the common Sichuan dishes are there plus some rarely seen. Frog with pickled pepper anyone?

I decided to go with some of my favorite dishes to see how they stack up against the competition. I started with Dan Dan Noodles ($5.95) and it was a big bowl with noodles and pork with plenty of the preserved vegetables (Sichuanese ya cai) on top. This was served as a warm dish and it was tasty.

Next was, naturally, Sliced Poached Pork with Fresh Garlic ($7.95). Tender pork with plenty of garlic and chili sauce. The serving looks bigger than what it was, there was a mound of bean sprouts underneath the pork. You can see some poking out at the bottom. So far, Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica has the best version and the biggest. 

The picture doesn't really show the size of the Deep-Fried Chicken with Dry Chili Peppers ($12.95). The plate was easily three times the size of the apps plates. Tender and crispy chicken and the heat level was OK, looks much worse than what it was. The prices are from the takeout menu and they are not absolutely correct but fairly close.

Weird interior with a very low ceiling and it felt like you were sitting in the basement due to the lack of windows, but I'm happy in a restaurant where I'm the only white guy. Not a beef with broccoli in sight. They have been in business for a while, but they have no website for some reason. Update, the website for their Worcester location seems to have the same menu.

Red Pepper on Urbanspoon

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Yard House Lynnfield

Despite Rte 128 north being a parking lot today, I preserved and finally ended up at the Yard House in Lynnfield in the Market Street complex.

This is the GRILLED KOREAN PORK BELLY Street Taco ($12.35) with radish kimchi, black & white sesame seeds, chili threads and it's served with rice and beans. Tacos were excellent, a good amount of crisp pork belly and the beans was tasty and piping hot. The same could not be said for the rice since it was cold, but it was tasty.

What was everyone doing today? Yes, eating outside. Finally a warm and pleasant day.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cha Yen Watertown

On this sunny but cold Saturday, I decided to return to Cha Yen Thai Cookery in Watertown for some more delightful Thai food. Parking is a pain but only 50¢ per hour.

I got my window seat and started with the Poh Piah ($6). The menu said Cucumber, bean sprouts, spiced tofu, scallion and eggs in soft rice flour. I think they forgot pancake at the end. Not sure what the dressing on top is but it was sticky and sweet, a nice offset to the fresh veggies. There was also sliced jalapenos on top.

I have never had Sukothai before but ordered it with duck ($10). Choice of egg noodles or rice noodles with soft-boiled egg, fish cake, fish ball, peanuts, green beans, bean sprouts, scallion and cilantro. I selected the egg noodles. The beansprout was absent and it was served with the spices unmixed. Peanuts for crunch, lime for sour and sugar for sweet and chili flakes for heat. I removed some of the sugar before mixing everything up. The egg was runny, the noodles cooked really nice and the duck was outstanding, tender and moist. Now I see why people pay $3 for the extra duck. This was a really interesting dish and I wouldn't mind having it again.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Besito Burlington

I love the food at Besito in Burlington but seriously dislike the mall parking and I spent 5 minutes trying to find my car after lunch.

New to me was the Pescado a la Parrilla ($11.95). Grilled fish tacos (choice of soft or hard tacos), roasted pumpkin seed-jalapeno and cilantro salsa, organic romaine and cabbage. The salsa was excellent but, unfortunately, the fish was seriously dried out. Warm chips and crushed tomato and garlic salsa is always a delight.

The beans were also very tasty but the rice now has roasted pumpkin seeds and green onions added and that took it to a whole new level. This was a serious improvement! I was quite full after I finished my tacos but kept on eating chips and black beans anyway.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Great Chow Malden

Nice day for a drive so I headed out to The Great Chow in Malden to try a lunch dish again, really the only one I have liked so far.

This is the Cheng-Du Spicy Chicken ($7.75) lunch special with white rice. Crispy tender chicken with some heat included. A generous portion and the chicken was juicy and tender and crisp.

A surprise arrived, two Pan Fried Pork Buns With Cabbage. They will be doing Dim Sum on Sat and Sun starting in a couple of weeks and was promoting that. Not a fan of buns but the underside was nice and crispy and the pork filling was tasty.