Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mr. Mac's Tyngsboro

When I found out that Mr. Mac's had opened in Tyngsboro, I couldn't wait to try them. Who doesn't like Mac & Cheese?

I knew sort of where they would be, but driving around that plaza yielded not a trace of them. Finally found them hiding next to the DD. They are visible from the road but not from the plaza. The mall is across the street.

You order at the counter, pay and get a number. The food is then brought out to you when it's ready.

The inside was nice and bright with high tops next to the windows.

They have different specials each week, and this is the Roadhouse Burger Mac ($9.99). "Gouda and Pepper Jack cheeses are mixed together with our seasoned ground beef, citrus BBQ sauce, and crispy onions. Then cooked to perfection for a slightly spicy but satisfying mac". It's served in a skillet that comes in three sizes and this is the small one. The pasta was cooked well and it was really tasty and cheesy but had a sweet undertone. The crispy onions on top were nice. Slightly spicy it was not.

Address 440 Middlesex Road Tyngsboro, MA 01879
Phone 978-939-6227

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Davio'S Lynnfield

The second week of Boston Dine Out starts today, and of course Davio'S in Lynnfield have a new menu. All three main dishes looked really good so I might go back once more later in the week.

The antipasto was Gazpacho, Key West Shrimp, Avocado said the menu. This looked really good and tasted even better. It might even have had a hint of heat. The second place setting didn't get removed until my nice waitress from last week stopped by and cleared it out.

For my Piatti Del Giorno, I selected the Seared Sea Scallops, Corn Risotto, Crispy Prosciutto. Best dish so far. The scallops were seared nicely, and the risotto was outstanding. Super creamy, and the corn popped in your mouth. The rice could have been more al dente.

Dolci was Lemon Curd Tartlets, Fresh Berries. How nice does this look? Very tasty and the raspberry coulis offset the tartness of the lemon curd nicely. They were not very busy at lunch today.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rusty Can Byfield

Rusty Can in Byfield is situated just before Newburyport at exit 55, and it's not that long of a drive from home, but good grief does Rte 95 become monotonous after the split!

They are located just off the exit, and there is plenty of parking. The "Old No 72" is in honor of a fallen comrade.

Who can pass up Smoked Wings (8)? I picked the Cajun that comes with either Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch. Since I don't like ranch, the choice was easy. The Blue Cheese dressing was good but didn't really go with the Cajun Wings. The wings were smokey and juicy with a really excellent rub that had a hint of heat. While the skin wasn't crisp, neither was it flabby.

Plates come with White Bread, Corn Bread & Honey Butter, Pickles & Onions and two sides. I picked Collard Greens and Mac & Cheese for my sides. The Collard Greens was the real deal, cooked well with a vinegary tang. The M&C was creamy and seasoned well, and you got shells. The cornbread was tasty and really light with a savory butter. There was no sliced brisket on the menu, but it was available when asked for. I asked for slices from the fatty end and got that, and it wasn't overly fatty, but very tender with a nice rub and a proper smoke ring and seasoned well. This is the real deal folks. I put my two leftover slices on the scale, and it was almost 8oz left. The ribs were excellent, really tender and super meaty with a light bark and a nice rub. They might be borderline too much fall off the bone but avoided becoming mushy. I think traditionally you are supposed to make a sandwich with the meat, the white bread, onions and pickles, but I pass on that. Two meats were 17, and three was 20. Might have made sense to go with three for only $3 more, but I have enough leftovers as it is. What's with all the BBQ restaurants popping up on the North Shore? I'm not complaining, you can never have too much BBQ. Both my pictures of the inside was blurry, but if you imagine an old bar that serves food, you got it. Except this place was spotless on the inside.

They are next to a biker club, that was getting ready for a big meet.

Address 6 Fruit Street Byfield, MA 01922
Phone (978) 462-1204

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gaslight Lynnfield

I checked the Boston Dine Out menu online before heading out to Gaslight in Lynnfield, and it looked so good that I scheduled two visits. When I got there I was handed a completely different menu. Turns out that the dinner menu was listed as the lunch menu. No wonder $20 seemed such a good deal for a three-course lunch (that turned out to be a two-course deal).

They now have the outside set up for al fresco dining. More interior pictures from my previous visit here.

You get a crusty baguette with something spreadable. It was nice in the shade outside today.

From the surprise menu, I picked Jamón Serrano. "Iced Watermelon, Arugula, Goats Milk Feta & Port Syrup". This was a very pleasant dish and very tasty.

That was followed by Wedge and Steak. "Sliced Steak, Iceberg, Tomato, Pickled Red Onion, Bacon Bits & Great Hill Blue Cheese dressing". The steak was overcooked, so back it went. Their second attempt to cook a rare steak came out medium, but now I have given up and accepted it. The wedge was nice and very tasty and the dressing was very good, but the bacon bits was just bacon dust, but I guess that qualifies as bits, albeit very small bits. The steak was tender and seasoned well. Not a bad meal, even if wasn't what I expected. Yes, I did tell them.

Address 1100, Market Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940
Phone number (781) 334-3433

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Artistry on the Green Lexington

Artistry on the Green is participating in the Boston Dine Out, and are serving lunch. They do change the menu from year to year.

They are located in The Inn at Hastings Park with plenty of off street parking.

The dining room is very attractive, and even if the chairs are hard, they are very comfortable.

Very nice place settings and you get warm rolls with soft butter.

They serve a three-course menu for $20. I started with their excellent clam chowder that was chockful of clams and bacon and new potatoes, and it was also well seasoned.

Interesting way of serving Fish and Chips "served with a Sauce Gribiche and hand cut frites", but at least it's better than getting it in a bowl. The fries are really really good, and the fish was cooked perfectly with a crisp outside and flaky inside. It had a nice seasoned batter and the Sauce Gribiche was the real thing.

There were a few choices for dessert, I picked the White Peach Sorbet, and it was excellent. Service was, of course, impeccable. The Chowder (6) and the Fish & Chips (14) are both on the regular menu, so the only benefit is the free dessert.

Address 2027 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02421
Phone number (781) 301-6660

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cafe of India Maynard

I had such a nice buffet at Cafe of India in Maynard that I had to go back and order something from the lunch menu.

When ordering from the menu, you get some papads and chutneys. The onion chutney normally is just hot, but here it was really well spiced and tasty.

With your lunch, you have a couple of choices of soups, Vegetarian Samosa or an Aloo Tiki. I went with the Samosa that had mashed potatoes and a few peas inside. It was piping hot and really delicious.

My mains arrived in very elegant serving bowls. Look at that rice with every grain separated.

I of course went with the Vindaloo ($9). "Fiery sauce, sundried kashmiri red chili potato, tamarind medium or spicy only". I went with spicy, no surprises there. I tried to get dark meat, but after consulting with the chef, the waitress reported that they don't use any dark meat at all. It looked good but reeked of cloves and only tasted of cloves. You know what it tastes like when you accidentally bite into a clove? This was it. It was seriously hot, so they did that right. The vindaloo itself only tasted of tomato and cloves, the expected tartness was completely absent. The chicken was nice and not dry, and the potatoes were nicely cooked. I did find a couple of chunks of tomato in there, and that was a surprise. So I got chicken in a hot tomato sauce.

They have a nice little bar. This is the waitress that will depart for parts unknown this week,

Monday, August 7, 2017

Brothers Kouzina Peabody

I haven't had much luck with my forays into Greek Cuisine but hopefully, today's visit to Brothers Kouzina in Peabody will change that.

They are located on the nefarious Rte1, but from Rte 128 it's just a quick u turn to get there, and the same for the return.

Booth seating to the right and a big bar to the left. The inside was pleasant and absolutely spotless.

The dining area with the open kitchen in the back. Yes, they do have a real vertical rotisserie with meat cooking on it.

From the Kouzina Specials, I picked the Brothers Kouzina Deluxe (14.99). "A mouth-watering combination of gyro and pork souvlaki". There was a bit of confusion when ordering, but I got roasted potatoes and the Greek salad as my sides. The picture doesn't show off the food that well, sorry about that. There is a big Greek salad with a nice and tasty dressing and plenty of crumbly feta in the back. The pita bread in the back was tasty and fresh. There are three enormous wedges of roasted potatoes to the right that was crispy and appropriately lemony. The gyro meat was a tad salty but very good with some crisp bit in there. The Pork Souvlaki was fantastic with a nice char and cooked really well, with the meat still being pinkish. This was also very juicy and tasty. Well, there had to be some good Greek food in the Boston area, and I finally found it. Service was very good and helpful when I asked what a nearby table had, the waiter brought a menu and pointed the dish out. Turned out to be Lamb on the bone cooked in a red sauce, and it looked really good. The Gyro with Fries was humungous, and I need to go back and try that.

Address 25 Newbury St, Peabody, MA 01960
Phone number (978) 535-9297

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