Monday, March 19, 2018

Summer Shack Cambridge

I went to the Summer Shack in Cambridge shortly after they opened and didn't like the wooden tables and communal seating, and I thought the menu was too expensive. This year they are participating in Boston Dine Out so it was a chance to check them out again.

They are next to the Alewife T-station, so they are not hard to find. Private parking lot.

I was happy to see the wooden tables and benches gone, replaced with proper seating.

lobster tank with the steamers and the open kitchen in the back.

Some warm cornbread with whipped butter arrives quickly. The cornbread was pleasant and not too sweet.

What was advertised as a $20 lunch on Boston Restaurant Weeks Website, turned out to be $25. I started with the "Summer Shack" Raw Bar Sampler. "Oyster on half shell, cocktail shrimp & cherrystone ceviche". The oyster was fine, aren't they always? The good-sized shrimp was very cold and overcooked. The ceviche was OK, would have been better if there was fish in there. The white slivers in the picture were just all the fish I got.

Next was the Blackened Gulf Shrimp Tacos. "Salsa fresca, avocado, chipotle crème & sweet potato fries". The tortillas were old and hard. The rest of the taco was very good and tasty. The chipotle crème was actually spicy. I subbed the sweet potato fries for FF and they were fabulous. Salted and seasoned when they come out of the fryer. The lime was old and dry. The shrimp was tasty with a bit of heat, and cooked well.

It was a three-course meal and for my dessert, I picked the Brownie Sunday w/ Hot Fudge & Vanilla Ice Cream. Nothing to complain about here.

Address 149 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone number (617) 520-9500

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Spot Georgetown

The Spot in Georgetown is part of The Serenitee Group of restaurants. If you sign up for their Reward card, you will get a free Entree and Dessert on your birthday month with no restrictions.

They are located on Main Street in the quaint Georgetown and are very close to Rte 95.

The inside is rustic, big bar with the dining room below.

I started with the House-made Chili (8). "Melted Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Sour Cream, Scallions, Tortilla Chips". Hold the Sour Cream also held the Scallions. The ground beef chili was pleasant and not too spicy.

Haddock Po'boy (16). "Fried Haddock, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Remoulade Sauce". Big chunks of nicely cooked haddock. The remoulade sauce was very tasty. Both the tomato and the pickles were cut very thickly. The hand-cut fries are very good. My leftover was nicely packaged, and I even got the leftover chips.

Address 19 W Main St, Georgetown, MA 01833
Phone number (978) 352-3351

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lendy's Deli Saugus

I really like corned beef, but are less enticed by the rest of a boiled dinner, and I have heard really good things about the Ruben at Lendy's Deli in Saugus.

I don't think my GPS is from around here, but I had a good idea where I was going. They are located in a plaza with Marshalls, and there is a Target across the street. Plenty of parking, but the plaza was really busy on a Saturday at lunchtime.

The inside was nice and bright. They have waitress service, and it was seat yourself.

The famous REUBEN (11.15). "Corned Beer or Pastrami piled as high as the New York sky and melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing and served with choice of French fries, potato salad, macaroni salad, or coleslaw". The online menu has a slight spelling error. The default bread is rye, I don't like that, so I went with the sourdough instead. The sandwich was nicely toasted and the cheese was properly melted. It was a good amount of corned beef, however, the dressing was almost absent. The waitress promptly gave me a container of dressing, so that was an easy fix. The kraut was crisp and this was a very enjoyable sandwich. My side of macaroni salad was fantastic, tasty dressing and crunchy veggies, this almost outshone the sandwich. There were a few whole olives in there, but I wish they had been cut in half. Terrible silverware. A nearby table had the corned beef dinner (10.95 all day) and I'm tempted to go back for that on a Thursday.

Address 653 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906
Phone number (781) 231-3180

Friday, March 16, 2018

Bison County Waltham

Bison County is located on Restaurant Row in Waltham and has been here forever. Their website hasn't been updated since '09, so the prices are way out of date.

This is Moody Street so parking can be iffy and you have a good chance of being blocked in since the spaces are not marked.

The dining room and kitchen.

Big bar with lots of high tops.

I went for the Ribs & One More with two sides (24.95). For my one more I picked the brisket and asked for it from that fatty side. My sides were a pretty good Mac & Cheese, and a terrible Mashed Potatoes. They were watery, grainy and cold. Of course the skin was left in. The ribs were good, and not fall off the bone, and that's a good BBQ thing. The brisket was tasty but dry. Neither had a discernable smoke ring and wasn't very smoky either. Both were tasty. No wetnaps were offered.

Address 275 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453
Phone number (781) 642-9720

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Flaming Grill Revere

Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet in Revere has got a lot of good reviews for their AYCE buffet.

They are located in the plaza after Target and Stop & Shop.

Yes, another humungous buffet.

Sushi and Hibachi are included. The sushi was all Maki, apart from one plate of Nigiri that was unlabeled. The Maki was mostly fake crab and vegetables, very few had actual fish in them. Some did look pretty!

This was labeled Prime Rib but looked like stew meat. Sorry for the out of focus picture. This always happens when I only take one picture.

The first trip yielded some nice clams in a sauce that was not black bean. Garlic Shrimp was good but tasted more like spicy shrimp. The coconut shrimp was terrible with overcooked shrimp in an overly sweet sauce that was almost caramelized. The fried scallop was not a scallop. The salt and pepper calamari was OK but lacked in crispiness. The Hot wing was OK, but the skin was flabby. The fried fish, on the other hand, was very good. The less we say about the thing in the shell, the better it is.

The Green Beans were good and cooked properly. Crab and Cheese Casserole was also pretty good, even if it was fake crab. I took some Coconut Shrimp that was freshly put out, but it was no improvement. The Pepper Chicken was tender, but the outside was rock hard. Shrimp Supreme was rubbery shrimp with dry pork on the outside. The Meatballs was dry with some BBQ sauce on top. The Char Siu Chicken was moist, but the skin was rubbery with some BBQ sauce applied.

The butter potatoes were overcooked. Freshly cooked Calamary was OK but lacked crispiness. More Green Beans and Crab Casserole. The best thing was the Shrimp and Pasta. It was tasty and the shrimp were cooked nicely. Most of the food was either cold or lukewarm. It was cheap at $8.49 for lunch, but I think I rather pay another 50¢ at East Sakura that has a way better buffet.

Address 44 Furlong Drive, Revere, Boston, MA 02151
Phone number (781) 289-8888

Monday, March 12, 2018

Singh Ching Burlington

When I first visited Singh Ching in Burlington, they didn't have the proper sign up.

Now they have a proper sign that is visible from Rte 3.

I did an eat-in today instead of my customary takeout from the buffet. They still have one of the tastiest, and well-seasoned buffets around. The soup is really good. I forgot what the little pattie up top is called, but it was light and tasty. The Chili Chicken was HOT. I almost missed the little salad that had a super tasty dressing. The Tandoori Chicken was impeccable. The Chicken Vindaloo was a proper Vindaloo. The Tadka Dal was well seasoned. The potatoes (Jeera Aloo) was also good. No fish pakoras today, but they had an excellent fish fry.

The Garlic Naan was light, and they didn't hold back on the garlic.

How good looking is the Tandoori chicken?

Address 184 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone number (781) 273-0111

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Kennedy Fried Chicken Lynn

I had a hankering for some fried chicken today, so I headed out to Kennedy Fried Chicken in Lynn. I rarely go to Lynn, since it's really out of the way, and there is no quick way to get there.

They have some private parking.

They are geared towards takeout.

There are a few tables available. That character made me nervous. He kept changing tables and was writing notes that he stuck between the table and the wall.

The chicken is pressure cooked, and they just took a batch out when I arrived.

I ordered the 5 pieces ($8.50) all dark, with fries. Well, serving the fries this way certainly keeps them warm, but how do you salt them without salting the chicken? I moved the chicken to one side. The fries were OK. The chicken was really good, crispy and juicy, and the batter had a hint of heat. I got four thighs and one drum, and they were all good sized. Consider that my favorite fried chicken from Popeyes are now $6.99 and that's for two pieces, this is a really good deal for a very good fried chicken.

What happened to 4 pcs? Ask for a menu when you get here, none was offered to me until I left. They do have chicken combos that come with mashed. Three pieces with mash and one roll are $5.75. The pricing is a bit strange, from three pieces chicken only, the price increases by a dollar for each piece until you get to six pieces when it suddenly increases by $1.75. It's the same for chicken with fries, when you get to six pieces it jumps by $1.50. Yes, they have four pieces on the real menu. The wings are also very reasonably priced.

Address 252 Western Ave, Lynn, MA 01904
Phone number (781) 598-4825