Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Temazcal Lynnfield

I had the Asada Tacos at Temazcal in Lynnfield shortly after they opened, and wasn't too happy with them, way too sweet. Since it's Taco Tuesday there today, it's not too expensive to try them again. BTW, Taco Tuesday is the best-kept secret ever.

It's a big place, and this doesn't include the raised dining room where I was sitting.

Asada Skirt Steak Tacos ($14). "Marinated grilled skirt steak, salsa roja, pickled serrano chile, avocado served with saffron rice and beans". What a difference! The skirt steak was tender and really tasty, not too sweet and the salsa roja actually had some heat included. The excellent bean dip disappears quickly with the help of the warm tortilla chips. The black beans and rice are also great. All of this for $7 on Taco Tuesday.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Today is MLK day, and a lot of places takes that as an excuse to not serve from their lunch menus. I suddenly remembered that I haven't been to Dumpling Daughter in Weston for a couple of years, so my lunch plans were set. Looking art their website, they now have quite a few daily specials.

It's not a big place, but they always seem to be packed, at least at lunchtime. You order at the counter, and the food is brought out when it's ready. The owner, Nadia Liu Spellman is manning the register. The food is leaving the kitchen at a brisk pace.

I was going to have their tasty Ramen, but when I saw the Braised Beef Beijing Noodle Soup ($12), I couldn't resist. "Beef shank, pickled mustard greens, homemade noodles, scallions, cilantro in beef broth". The beef shank was excellent, tender and really flavorful. Look at that dark and savory broth, it doesn't get much better than this. 

The self-serve water container contained so many slices of lemons that it almost becomes a lemonade.

Address 37 Center St, Weston, MA 02493
Phone number (781) 216-8989

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Osteria Nino Burlington

I have been very pleased with my visits to Osteria Nino on 3rd Avenue in Burlington, so I decided to check out their Brunch today.

The outside pizza oven was not in action today.

I decided to start with a cup of Soup of the Day that was a Tuscan Bean soup ($3.95). The soup was excellent with nicely cooked veggies and beans, and it was seasoned really well.

This was described on the menu as "steak & eggs (15.95) toast, home fries, sunny side up eggs". Not sure how the English Muffins took the place of the toast. No, it's not the same thing. Do you want your eggs benedict on toast? One egg was cooked well, the other one was a bit snotty on top. The home fries was way overcooked and mushy and showed no sign of browning. Unfortunately, the same could be said for the steak, didn't look browned at all. The steak was ordered rare and come out medium, at best. Despite that, it was tender and juicy and really tasty. Of course, liberal amounts of salt and pepper helped.

The counter seating overlooking the pizza station is very nice.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taste of Siam Stoneham

I really like Taste of Siam in Stoneham, and they serve lunch on Saturdays. Again I was the only customer during lunch today.

I went with the lunch box ($8.95), and you get a Chicken and Noodle soup that today was loaded with both noodles and chicken and was tasty. I picked two Golden Triangles as my apps. Unfortunately, they were still cold in the middle.  I decided to order from the Healthy Corner, so I had to ask what made the dishes in that section healthy. First, the waitress said that it had vegetables, but so do the other dishes. Then she said, that they didn't have coconut milk and was stir fried. This makes more sense. I picked the Prik King with pork. "Sautéed with bell pepper, string beans, crushed peanut in prik king sauce". If there were any crushed peanuts included they completely eluded me. I ordered it three pepper spicy, and it was respectable spicy, enough to get a runny nose. The prik king sauce was delicious, and the whole dish was very enjoyable.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Maki Maki Woburn

My first visit to Maki Maki in Woburn was shortly after they opened in 2013, and it was pretty bad. My second visit a few months later showed a much-improved restaurant, but there were better choices around.

Fast forward to 2017 when I finally was brave enough for a third visit. The restaurant is set back a bit from the road, and there is plenty of parking.

The AYCE Sushi and kitchen items are $14.99. They have a very strict rule that the whole table has to order from the same menu. Apart from the AYCE menu, there is also an a la carte menu available. This is the spicy seaweed salad that wasn't very spicy.

The shrimp tempura was mostly tempura, but it was crunchy and light.

The gyoza was thin skinned with a rather tasty filling. It was straight out of the fryer, so it was HOT.

The Nigiri plate looked good. The second row is Albacore. I usually avoid the shrimp nigiri since the shrimp is usually dry. It was dry. The nigiri was actually very pleasant this time, with the rice properly seasoned and at the right temperature. The fish to rice ratio was also appropriate.

Sexy Girl Maki. "Spicy tuna topped with spicy crab". Eight pieces of tasty maki roll. The service was very pleasant, and food was delivered quickly even when they got busy,

Address 40 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801
Phone number (781) 305-3829

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yong Yong Malden

I had some delightful Dim Sum the last time I visited Yong Yong in Malden, but that was exactly one year ago, so it certainly was time for another visit.

Nothing really new on the table, except for the jellyfish (top left). I have had it before, in a different restaurant, but then it had more garlic added. Here it was a bit bland. I don't think this is eaten for its taste, it's more about the texture. The Shrimp and Taro cake, bottom left, was an enormous shrimp cake with crispy taro. This has always been a favorite of mine since I first tasted one, and this one didn't disappoint. The prices for most items is still $2.90. The jellyfish was $4.95. I got a very friendly waiter today, so I had a chance to ask what other people was eating. The table next to me had some enormous oysters. Not just big, think gravy boat big.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

California Pizza Kitchen Lynnfield

Back in the days, I tried the frozen pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen, because they looked good, and was cheap and often on sale. Regardless of how well I followed the instructions, they always come out tasting like cardboard with chicken that was dry, so I finally gave up on them.

They now have a location in the Market Street Complex in Lynnfield. I believe that this is the last new retail area that was built.

There are some high tops in the bar area and there is also seating on the patio.

The dining area was airy and bright.

I had signed up with their Pizza Dough rewards program and was rewarded with a free small plate. I picked the ASPARAGUS + ARUGULA SALAD ($5.99). "Tossed in housemade lemon vinaigrette with sun-dried tomatoes, toasted almonds and shaved Parmesan". The salad was OK, with a pleasant dressing, but there were only about ten small pieces of asparagus included.The paper thin slices of parmesan lacked in flavor, maybe because they were so thinly sliced. You also get bread with a very pleasant dipping sauce. Unfortunately, the bread was soo stale that it wasn't edible. When even the cut side is crusty, you know the bread wasn't freshly sliced.

They offer a Lunch Duo for $10.95. I had to try The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza. "Created here in 1985. Our legendary BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda, red onions and fresh cilantro transform this original to iconic". I paired this with the BAKED POTATO SOUP. "Purée of potato with Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon and scallions". The soup didn't really match the picture, but it was pleasant and tasty. The 7" personal pizza bore no resemblance to the frozen variety and was really good with an excellent light crust that was very tasty. The chicken was tender and moist, and all the toppings were fresh.

When I asked for my leftovers to go, an empty box was dropped off at my table, and to make it even more exciting, the box was too small. Maybe I have to try their frozen pizza again.
Update: The box was an 8" box, so it was the pizza that was too big. I'm not going to complain about that!