Sunday, July 22, 2018

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe Woburn

I haven't been to Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Woburn for quite a while, so on this rainy Sunday, I went for some soup. He does mainly dishes from the Xi'an region, including hand-pulled noodles. The menu is minimal but everything is really delicious.

He's located on Main Street in Woburn so parking can be iffy. There is a big communal lot further down the street.

The inside is a bit spartan. You order and pay at the counter then pick up your food when your number is called.

The #16 Hot Sour Hand-pulled Noodles Soup ($8.40) is a favorite of mine. I can also recommend the #10 Hot Sour Dumpling Soup. The soup is excellent, a bit sour and a little bit spicy. Underneath that mound of well-seasoned stir-fried pork, there is sliced onions, bean sprouts and finely julienned carrots. The noodles are really toothsome and cooked well. The food here is delicious and this dish is no exception. Beware that it's cash only and only open Thurs-Sun.

Address: 466 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: (781) 938-6888

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bronwyn Somerville

After watching Formula 1 Qualifying at Hockenheimring and being informed that Germany eats 800 million Currywurst each year, I needed a wurst myself, so I headed back to Bronwyn in Union Square. Then I learned that going to Union Square in the summer on a Saturday is not a good idea since it's farmers market day.

I did find free parking in my usual location, and it was an enjoyable day for a short walk.

It was a perfect day for dining al fresco. Bronwyn only serves lunch/brunch Sat/Sun.

When I was her for the Sweinhaxe, I spied the Wurst Teller ($16). "2 haus-made sausages, fried eggs, bratkartoffeln, sauerkraut, green salat". The sausages were one Bratwurst and one Currywurst. The currywurst was about twice the length of the bratwurst. Both were really good, but I prefer the currywurst. The eggs were cooked nicely, even if the bottom part of the yolk was solid. Compared to the last time, the potatoes were overcooked and a bit greasy. Serving a "salat" without any dressing is pretty pointless.
Walking back to my car I noticed that Himalayan Kitchen (under new ownership) was serving 8 Mo Mo's for 4.95, so I had to pick up an order. They are expanding their seating area.

Address: 255 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: (617) 776-9900

Friday, July 20, 2018

Jimmy's Steer House Saugus

I wanted some prime rib for lunch today, so I went to Jimmy's Steer House in Saugus.

Rte 128 was a madhouse today, but taking the backroads here didn't add much time. They have a big parking lot, and I'm always taking an end space.

The inside is what it is, but everything is in excellent condition, and the place is impeccably clean.

I did skip the enormous loaf. Kansas City Prime Rib with a baked potato and horseradish. It could have been a bit rarer but it was tender and beefy and an absolute steal at $11.99. This was way better than the overcooked lump of meat I got at Century House. People are also raving about their Rice Pilaff, but that doesn't really go with prime rib. May I'll try it with their Jumbo Maryland Crabmeat Pie. They even serve from the lunch menu on Saturdays.

Address: 114 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906
Phone: (781) 233-8600

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Grape Leaf Newton

I was headed to Chestnut Hill, so that gave me a chance to try out Grape Leaf Mediterranean Grille located in Newton Highlands.

They have some outside seating. There is metered on-street parking, but if you continue towards the station, there is free parking around the corner.

The inside is relatively small, and the food is cooked in front of you. They have two rotisseries, but they were not used.

There is a small amount of seating. The inside was nice and bright. Warm water is available to my right.

I had to go with the LAMB GYRO ($8.50). "Rotisserie lamb, tzatziki, tomato, red onion, on pita". I got the tzatziki on the side so I could control the amount. Despite what the menu said, the unseasoned lamb was steamed on a flattop. No char, no grillmarks. The steamed lamb was tender and tasty, and it was a good amount of lamb.

Address: 6 Lincoln St, Newton, MA 02461
Phone: (617) 527-5366

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Howling Wolf Salem

Is it worth the drive to Salem to get a Taco Tuesday discount at Howling Wolf Taqueria? Not really, but I have read so much good stuff about them that I really wanted to pay them a visit. I also had their speciality tacos at their North Andover& location, and they were awesome. If you are getting here from the south, avoid going through Peabody Square. There is a one lane restriction where the roadwork is taking place. 

Why is their address on Lafayette Street when they are in fact are located on New Derby Street? The car in the background is on Lafayette Street. They not even on the corner. They are located within walking distance from my favorite parking garage.

The inside is cool with a big bar.

I got a nice high-top next to the windows. Chips (cold) and salsa arrives promptly. The chips were OK, and so was the rather thin salsa.

It turns out that Taco Tuesday starts at 5, so I just ordered one Chili Verde Taco and one Colorado Taco. Both ordered with Corn Salsa (medium) and Refried Beans. Each was $3.75. You could also order three for $8.95, so I asked if I could mix and match? "Yes, but the tacos will be priced individually". The tacos were really good with a good amount of protein. There was almost no difference between the meats. One had a hint of tartness so that must have been the Chili Verde one. The refried beans were really tasty. The corn salsa was also very nice but lacked the medium heat. The flour tortillas were soft and fresh.

I also ordered a side of rice and black beans ($2). This was good, but the two tacos would have been enough for me for lunch.

The ladies in the kitchen seemed to have fun. The big plastic containers contain pre-portioned chips.

Address: 76 Lafayette St, Salem, MA 01970
Phone: (978) 744-9653

Monday, July 16, 2018

Nzuko Framingham

I'm not sure how I heard about Nzuko in Framingham, but I had them bookmarked for jerk chicken. Nzuko is Nigerian and means Gathering.

My GPS led me on a merry go around since it didn't recognize that I could just take a left and get here. Plenty of parking in this strip mall.

The inside is kind of small but nice and bright. You order at the end and then pick up your food at the counter, or get it brought to you. The owner is in the back, hanging out with her mom.

The dining area. I wish they didn't do the tacky rolled up silverware. Get quality napkins and put the utensils on them.

The aforementioned Jerk Chicken ($10.95). "Jerk spiced chicken arousing Caribbean vibes. Lunch includes rice and two plantains". Two choices of rice and I went with Rice and Beans. Hows this for a boring picture? The chicken was a thigh that was tender and juicy with a fantastic jerk gravy. The gravy was redolent of spices, and there was allspice involved. This was probably the best jerk chicken I have had in a long time. The rice was OK, and the plantains were soft without being mushy. There is some good cooking going on here. The complimentary ice water was infused with something? Pineapple?

Address: 341 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: (508) 620-1024

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Brodie's Pub Peabody

I'm not going to say anything about Brodie's Pub in Peabody since I'm assuming that by now everyone has been here and if you haven't, go. The news is that they will not relocate across the square.

I had the Reuben on a previous visit, and it was excellent, so now it was time to try the Hot Pastrami Sandwich (10.99). "Marble rye or sourdough, tender pastrami, choice of cheese". Marbely Rye as you can see was my choice. The steak fries are really good, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They don't hold back on the pastrami. The pastrami was warm, and the cheese was melted. The other half will be dinner. Even the pickle is delicious. The place was packed today with people watching football ;-).