Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lester's BBQ Burlington

On my way to Bob's to figure out what waist size I will need on my jeans, I stopped by Lester's BBQ in Burlington. I finally have to give up on 32X32.

Plenty of parking. That sign needs a good cleaning. Check out what it looked in 2015.

The inside is bright and nice, there was, however, some really insistent flies in there. They have a really excellent selection of BBQ sauces.

I went with the Texas Sliced Brisket Sandwich ($9.49). "Our slow cooked brisket on a delicious potato roll. Comes with a side and a dab of pickles". I said to the cashier that I wanted mash with gravy as my side. "Do you want an extra side?". "No, I just want mash and gravy". "An extra side is $2.09". "No, I just want mash and gravy". When I got the bill it included two sides. I asked to get the brisket from that fatty side, and I got that. There was just a hint of a smoke ring at the bottom. The brisket was somewhat tasty, but it was very dry. Especially the bits with the dark bark. The bark was also very soft. What happened to the "dab of pickles"? The mash, on the other hand, while it was tasty, it was also very runny. It was a good amount of brisket, I'll give them that.

Address 376 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone number (781) 221-7427

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Anchor Pub & Grille Beverly

Having been looking at the daily specials at Anchor Pub & Grille in Beverly, it was finally time for a visit.

The address is on Cabot street, but there is no entrance or parking there. Take the first right, and you will find them. Parking is available next to the building, and there is also a lot across the street.

Yes, it's bar and an enormous one to boot. There was a lot of staff available, so things moved.

There are bar pool tables, and there is also dartboards. The daily specials menu is on the screen and is also posted on FB. The daily specials do change daily. The food is really inexpensive, but they are cash only. There is an ATM on the premises, in case you haven't done your homework.

There are a couple dining rooms spread out in the building.

How can you resist Twin Lobsters ($15.95) with one side? The lobster is a mainstay on the specials board. They were fresh out of the pot and cooked well. Considering what you pay for a lobster roll these days, this is a super bargain. Yes, a lot more work but also a lot more lobster. Don't forget the legs and the body, lots of meat there as well. What a feast this was!

For my side, I picked the Garlic Roast Potatoes, because I like potatoes. Perfectly cooked and there was also some onions in there. For a side, it was a lot of potatoes.

Here are today's daily specials. Look at those prices!

Address 20 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915
Phone number (978) 921-0504

Anchor Pub & Grille Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, October 13, 2017

Taipei Gourmet Lexington

Taipei Gourmet in Lexington is my favorite Taiwanese restaurant, and I go here frequently, but rarely blog about them. My audience is growing, so it's time for a shout-out.

It was a hassle to get here since Mass Ave was closed going east, and that took me on a really weird and long detour.

Not sure if I have posted a picture after Ewa added curtains and white linen cloth? Linen napkins will not happen. Did I mention that you get a 10% discount if you pay with cash, even at lunch?

I haven't had the Pork Chop Rice Plate ($8.79) since back in '13. A big and tender pork chop on the bone was perfectly fried. This is a classic Taiwanese dish, and you get chopped mustard greens, pickled daikon?, bok choy and a tea egg. The egg was delicious, and it was not overcooked. 

Underneath the pork chop, there is some braised pork. It was very tender, but the last time there was a lot more gravy. 

Address 211 Mass Ave, Lexington, MA 02420 
Phone number (781) 541-6999

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Uno Chicago Grill Woburn

I had a somewhat pleasant all you can eat soup and salad at Uno Chicago Grill in Woburn, so armed with a plan and coupon for $10 off $20, I headed to the mall.

They have a few things working against them: 1. They are in a mall. 2. They are a chain. 3. They royally messed up my previous order by giving me the wrong steak that was overcooked. So I must be nuts to go back, right?

The Promise.

The reality. This is the Whole Hog Burger ($16.99). "Over a pound of meat, four different kinds: hamburger, sausage, bacon, and pepperoni. Topped with three types of cheese, garlic mayo, and pickles. With fries and onion rings". I did it as takeout and ordered it online, that way I can reuse my $10 off coupon. It was ordered rare, and of course I got it well done. Next time I'll speak to a manager prior to pick up. Despite being well done, it was a really well seasoned and tasty burger. It was also a coarse grind that was loosely packed into a patty, well two. The bacon was crisp, and the pickles were tasty. Hold the tomato worked. This burger was surprisingly good, even overcooked.

On my previous visit, the onion rings were the star, crispy and hot fresh out of the fryer. Here they were just a soggy mess. My order must have been sitting out for quite a while. The fries were also surprisingly good, even being limp. There is also a side Caesar Salad ($4.99) in the fridge, to get over $20. It does amuse me when ordering a Caesar salad, you get asked what dressing you would like.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dharani Woburn

Dharani in Woburn opened earlier this year in the space that Tanner Tavern occupied. They are part of a nationwide chain.

I tried twice to go at noon for their lunch buffet and was told to come back in a half hour since the buffet wasn't ready. After the second try, I gave up on them. I rather walk down to the excellent Zaika, who has the buffet ready when they open.

The place looked way better than when the Tanner Tavern was here. They have given up on the buffet during the week and have a lunch combo menu instead.

I ordered the Butter Chicken ($16.99) from the regular menu. "Grilled chicken/tomato gravy/creamy sauce". Rice was included in the rather steep price. You get a carafe of water on the table, and I like that. Glass covered tables with paper underneath.

Grilled Chicken? What I got was shreds of chicken that was rather hard to find in the thick gravy. I still can't describe what it tasted of, but it was medium spicy as ordered. The rice was nice and fluffy, and it was a lot of it.

It didn't look very appetizing either, it almost looked like the gravy had split. Luckily I had a coupon for $10 off. Only one other table got occupied while I was there. I was offered a complimentary Mango Lassi, that I had to decline because I don't like yogurt. I do appreciate the offer.

Address 474 Main St Woburn MA 01801
Phone 781-277-6707

Dharani Woburn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hoppy's Barbeque Peabody

Hoppy's Barbeque in Peabody announced yesterday that a special would return today. I had a very pleasant lunch here on my previous visit, so today I returned. They recently got a very nice write-up in BostonVoyager.

There is parking up front and also on both sides of the side street.

This is it, the wife up front and Hoppy in the back. It's nice and bright inside, and of course, spotless.

The returning special was the Shrimp & Crawfish etouffee served over Spanish rice ($12.95). Cornbread or French bread? French bread of course. This was a big serving of a well-seasoned etouffee loaded with crawfish and big shrimps. The roux could have been darker, but it was still a very tasty dish. Leftovers for dinner tonight.

Four tables and the menu on the blackboard.

Address 38 Forest Street, Peabody MA 01960
Phone number (978) 278-5014

Monday, October 9, 2017

Rosco's Diner Chelmsford

I first heard about Rosco's Diner in Chelmsford from an article in Wicked Local, and it sounded really good, so on this rainy Monday, I headed out to Chelmsford.

They are located in Central Square with plenty of free on-street parking. The current owner opened the place just about a year ago.

The inside was really nice, not your typical diner, and the place was spotless.

My lunch comes with either soup or salad, and I went with the greek salad since the owner is Greek. A big portion of very fresh greens with plenty of feta cheese. You get the dressing on the side, and I really appreciate that.

When I asked the waitress what was good, a nearby table chimed in with "anything greek", so I went with the Lamb Shank (12.95) that come with a medley of veggies and rice. Unfortunately, the medley managed to hit all the veggies that I don't like. I could have gotten a slaw instead. The lamb shank was big, tender and well seasoned, but the sauce was fantastic! The rice was good and there was plenty of it. You can also get the same dish with two shanks. The service was very friendly.

Address 11, Central Square, Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone number (978) 954-4774

Rosco's Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato