Saturday, April 29, 2017

Peppercorn House Woburn

Peppercorn House in Woburn opened about six months ago in the space formerly occupied by Taipei Tokyo that I visited once. They have all the classics on the menu but also a fair amount of more interesting dishes in the Chinese section. No surprises in the Japanese section.

The parking can be scarce on the street here, but the big communal parking lot is nearby.

The inside is like what I remember, but everything was in good condition. Nice and bright with the big windows.

There is a small Sushi bar in a separate room.

The Chinese lunch specials include the usual soups and apps, and I went with the H&S soup. It was a big bowl of piping hot soup, but it was just hot, the sour part was missing. It was also very glutinous, and you could almost eat it with a fork. When I go to a Chinese restaurant and see a fork and knife my hopes sinks since they clearly aren't catering to Chinese people.

The menu said Malaysian Lamb (7.95) with wing (2). First, it was wing (1) and not (2). The chicken wing was crisp on the outside and the wingette was still moist. The drumette wasn't. I don't think this was lamb at all just your normal over tenderized beef that is so common in Chinese restaurants. It was still moist. I have no idea what would make this Malaysian, it was just your average beef stir fry with no special seasoning. I asked for it extra spicy but that didn't work at all, it was just barely spicy. They serve the lunch specials seven days a week.

I went back today to try the Japanese lunch section.

I went with the slightly pricier Bento Box B (12.95) and picked Black Pepper Chicken as my main dish. "Fried gyoza, sushi 2pcs, sashimi 3pcs". What's missing? Right, no rice! Well, there was enough to eat without the rice. It was a nice dressing on the salad and as usual, it was just on top of the lettuce. The gyoza was nice and crispy and had a tasty filling. The Black Pepper Chicken was fine and tender but could have done with some more pepper, a lot more. There was some crunchy asparagus in there and plenty of sauce. Next time I will ask for extra spicy. It was marked as spicy on the takeout menu, but on the laminated menu everything was written in red, so you have no idea what's spicy and what's not. The sushi (nigiri) was good with the rice at the proper temperature and seasoning. The sashimi was three generously cut slices of very fresh fish. The service is very friendly, but they haven't exactly been busy when I visited.

Address 318 Main Street, Woburn MA 01801
Phone number (781) 933-6699

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Cantina La Mexicana Somerville

Time for some more free lunches so I headed back to Cantina La Mexicana in Somerville. Between the 30% discount from GoPapaya and their rewards program, most lunches will be free, even after the tip is included.

It's now a quite big space with the bar and dining areas.

Time for a Quesadilla with Chorizo and Potato filling (7.95). "10 in flour tortilla grilled with cheese, tomato, onion, cilantro & choice of filling". The tomato, onions and cilantro didn't make it. I also ordered a side of refried bean (3.00). The quesadilla was good and even better after adding some of the house-made hot sauce.

Download the GoPapaya app on the Apple store or Google Play store and create an account using the invitation code "PET8456". After your first meal out on GoPapaya, they'll send you a $10 Amazon gift card plus you save up to 50% off your meal! GoPapaya now also have a great rewards program. They now also have a discount program for takeouts.

Address 247 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143
Phone number (617) 776-5232

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe Woburn

It's a gray and rainy day so some soup is in order and what's better than a #10 at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Woburn.

And here is the #10, Hot & Sour Dumpling soup. This is absolutely delicious and plenty of tasty dumplings. I always forget to count them, but there must be at least a dozen of the tasty morsels in there.

It was pleasant and warm in there, and the photo's on the wall keep on expanding.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Maya Indian Grill Wakefield

I had a very satisfying lunch buffet at Maya Indian Grill in Wakefield on my first visit.

I have been participation in their FB Friday Quiz and managed to win a voucher that I could use for the buffet.

Slightly out of focus, sorry about that. The Egg Curry was very good even if the eggs was slightly overcooked. The Chicken Biriyani was very good and noticeably spicy. The Malai Kebab was marinated chicken cooked in the tandoori oven, and it was very well seasoned. The Pakora was very tasty but cold. Beans Poriyal was good with the beans not being overcooked, and the dish had some crunch that turned out to be lightly fried dals. The Chana Masala was also nicely seasoned. On my second visit, I even tried the Chicken Tikka Masala, and the sauce was very good, but the chicken was dry. I'm very happy with this lunch buffet since they are not holding back on the spices.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Koto Salem

On this beautiful Sunday, I headed up to historical Salem for some half-priced Sushi at Koto Grill & Sushi. They have this deal on Sundays and Mondays from 1:00 to 7:00. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage purchase required.

On street parking but it's free on Sundays. There is also a big parking garage just around the corner.

The first thing you see is an enormous sushi bar. There is also table seating next to the front windows.

The half price Sushi is from a separate menu but it was a good selection. What they call Sushi, I call Nigiri.

I love tuna, so I started with the Tuna Tataki (6). "Thinly sliced tuna drizzled with lemon soy sauce". If this is what I got for $12 I might be a little disappointed. The lightly seared tuna was nicely seasoned with a tasty sauce. A good deal for $6.

Two Salmon Nigiri (3 each) was some nicely cut salmon with an appropriate amount of rice underneath. The rice was a bit too cold and could have done with some more seasoning, but the salmon was excellent. The enormous maki that you see is the Ninja Maki (8). "Tempura crab stick, Salmon, Tuna, Asparagus and Cucumber. Topped with Black Tobiko". This was an excellent Maki, a good amount of fish even if the tempura crab stick was going soft but the tobiko on the outside was a nice touch. The asparagus was absent.

There is a big room in the back where they have live music and karaoke.

Address 90 Washington Street Salem, MA 01970
Phone number (978) 594-8681

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Bangkok Melrose

The Bangkok in Melrose opened recently and are serving Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

It's a small place with free on street parking.

Did I mention that it was a small place? They got really busy later.

I started with The Bangkok Baby Back Ribs ($7). "Bean paste marinated pork ribs, scallion". The ribs were boiled and very tender, and the paste was tasty, but the ribs were very bland and unseasoned.

Next was the Duck Noodle Soup ($12). "Roasted duck noodle with rice noodle bean sprouts Thai herb soup". The broth was weak, but there were ample amounts of tender and tasty duck leg and thigh. They have a "super menu" but that's only for Thai people I was told when suggesting that they should have it in English and not just in Thai. The prices seems a bit high to me, $11 for a curry that doesn't come with rice? A small bowl of Pho Dac Biet is $9.

Address 57 W Wyoming Avenue, Melrose MA 02176
Phone number (781) 662-0888

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cantina la Mexicana Somerville

I used to go to Taqueria la Mexicana in Somerville when it was just a very small place. They have since expanded next door and changed the name to Cantina la Mexicana. Today I used the GoPapaya app to reserve a table to get a hefty 30% discount.

The bar/dining are was nice with both high tops and normal tables. There is also another dining room further down.

I really like Chile Rellenos (12.95). "2 poblano peppers stuffed with cheese & choice of filling, served with rice and refried beans". I picked potato chorizo for my filling. Putting cheese on a stuffed poblano doesn't make it into a Chile Rellenos since that has a batter and are either deep or pan fried. Having said that, this was a very tasty dish with an excellent filling and a somewhat spicy poblano. There was a good amount of the filling. You have a choice of mild or spicy sauce, and I went with the spicy that wasn't. The refried beans were OK.

The original space is still there and this is what I remember. Very nice owners. No free chips and salsa were offered.

Download the GoPapaya app on the Apple store or Google Play store and create an account using the invitation code "PET8456". After your first meal out on GoPapaya, they'll send you a $10 Amazon gift card plus you save up to 50% off your meal! GoPapaya now also have a great rewards program.

Address 247 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143
Phone number (617) 776-5232

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