Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fuddruckers Reading

Fuddruckers in Reading is located inside Jordans Furniture and since I was going to the Imax 3D cinema for the almost last showing of the new Star Wars movie I decided to have lunch here.

Pretty large area and the service is cafeteria style and they give you a buzzer and when it goes off, you pick up your food.

All of it sounds good but can they cook it?

All the condiments you could ever wish for. They even have little cups in case you want to dip your fries in some mayo.

This I really liked. You pick the toppings you want and put them WERE you want them on the burger.

The 1/2 Lbs Burger ($5.99) is ready. Nicely toasted bun and the patty looks good as well. If you add fries or onion rings you are at about ten dollars. I rather add another five and go for a steakhouse burger.

I like my burger simple. So far, everything looks good but the medium rare burger I ordered was half well done and the other half was medium well, so this was a pretty epic fail as far as the cooking goes. How did it taste? It was well seasoned, I give them that, but lacked beef flavor. The bun was really good, light and fluffy and stood up to the burger well.

They do a few more things than just burgers and they also serve beer and wine. How was the movie? Fricking outstanding!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chili's Reading

I went to Chili's in Reading back in 2012 and didn't have a good lunch but they got me again with an offer of getting a free app when ordering an entree.

They are located in the same plaza as Home Depot.

The dining area was a bit dark but at least, it was warm.

The bar area was nice and bright and I should have taken a booth in here instead and would have avoided a kid behind me and one next to me.

I went for the Southwest Pairings, Chose Two ($8). Beef Taco and Chicken Quesadilla served with Jasmin Rice and Black Beans. The rice was cold but the beans were really tasty, not sure why they put pico de gallo in there. The chicken quesadilla was fine with plenty of cheese and chicken. The Beef Taco was ground beef on a soft tortilla and it wasn't bad at all. I really like their pay at the table approach using the game console.

For my free app, I picked Wings over Buffalo ($9.99) on the bone. I'm still not sure how this makes sense for the restaurant unless they can get a group or a family in for this deal since it's only one coupon per table.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Godavari Woburn

For this week's Indian Lunch Buffet adventure I headed to Godavari in Woburn. I didn't know that they were a chain but they now have four locations in the US.

Yes, snowing again and it was seriously slippery out there and a really interesting drive. Luckily it was just a short one.

They offer a really wide variety of dishes on the buffet ($11.99). There are more dishes to the left.

The Rasam soup was nice both tart and spicy at the same time. Chili Potatoes was good but a bit uneven as far as the chili goes. The Utthapam (top left) was excellent with some onion and chili mixed in. To the right is a Cut Mirchi and the turned out to be a nice deep fried chili pepper. They also have Papads in pieces available. Naan is now on the buffet and there was no Dosa offered today.

Methi Chicken Kabab is what they called the Tandoori chicken (bottom). It was tender and juicy. To the left is the Goat curry (on the bone) that was really tender and spicy. Above that is the Sesmi Chicken that was spicy and tender. Spinach Dal was really tasty with a little bit of heat included. Cabbage Poriyal is a favorite of mine and really tasty. I skipped more than half of the offerings, this is aa really extensive buffet and I can only eat so much. You still don't get a knife but my water glass was promptly refilled and dirty dishes vanished quickly. They also manage to keep the food hot on the buffet.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Cottage Chestnut Hill

The Cottage in Chestnut Hill is located in The Street complex with lots of free parking.

This is how it looks from the front but much to my surprise there was no entry here.

To find the entrance you have to trudge around the whole block since it's located in the back.

They were seriously busy for brunch on this sunny and warm Sunday but I got a table next to the big window in the bar. Not my smartest move since it was quite cold in this spot.

The dining room is absolutely lovely and really lives up to the name of the restaurant.

Brunch time and when I saw the Crab Cakes Benedict ($15) on the menu I was sold. I really like this dish. It took quite a while for the food to arrive (close to 30 minutes) but it was really nice when it finally arrived. "Crabcakes Benedict. Crispy crabcakes, poached eggs, housemade hollandaise". The eggs were nicely poached even if one of them was a bit snotty but that's better than overcooked. The diminutive crab cakes were hiding under the eggs. The crispy part of the crabcake was absent but the crab itself was excellent and really tasty. The potatoes were cooked nicely and really well seasoned. A really nice brunch in a really excellent setting and the service was really good and friendly.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

China Star Lowell

China Star in Lowell on Middlesex St is the second location of this local chain and they do a daily Dim Sum offering starting at 09:00 AM.

They are located in a newly built building (2013) with dedicated parking but they get seriously busy on the weekends so parking can be tight. Yep, it snowed yesterday.

They have a poster in the outside window showing the available dim sum items. I think you can get a dim sum menu inside as well.

It's a big spacious area inside with plenty of bar seating available.

The other side had mostly round tables for family seating but there was plenty of two-tops available next to the wall. Dim Sum arrives in the steam cart and you point and pick. Their English was a bit lacking.

The obligatory Baby Backs with Black Bean was excellent. Price? You have no idea until it comes time to pay. Medium items were priced at $3.75, Large at 4.25, Special at $4.95 and Top at $6.95.

The Beef Balls was tender and nice.

The Chicken Feet must have moved since they are out of focus, sorry. They were excellent, really nice and very tasty. Cudos to the high schooler in our party, who not only tried them but he had a few more.

The sticky rice was, well sticky, with some dry pork bits mixed in.

Fried Shrimp and Chive dumpling were also much appreciated.

The pork shumai was the real deal with a shrimp on top.

The Lobster Dumpling was the expensive Top item at $6.95 but it was good with plenty of lobster.

The Shrimp Cake with Taro was a really big shrimp cake with crispy taro on the outside. One of my favorites. Their chili oil was also really good. The prices were OK but I was surprised that they charged $2 for the tea, especially since they just delivered it to the table. I was afraid that they would be swamped since Chinese New Year is on this Monday but they was just very busy. This location is not to be confused with the original one on Broadway where I still get my roasted pork belly from even if it now have gone up to $9.75/Lbs.

The Broadway location has all their roasted items on display.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Pizzamore Woburn

Pizzamore in Woburn opened fairly recently on Main Street close to home. I decided to walk down there for my lunch today since it was snowing fairly heavily.

This is what it looked outside today. I must admit that I'm a bit confused about the name. Should it be Pizz Amore or Pizza More?

The inside is bright and pleasant with lots of wood. You order at the counter and the food is brought to you if you are dining in.

That is, unless they forget. I had to ask for my Clam Chowder ($2.50). The chowder was thin and come with potatoes and some very finely chopped clams. It was really just shredded clams.

I was looking forward to the WHITE CLAM ($13.95) small (12") pizza. "Fresh clams, grated cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, oregano, shredded mozzarella". The clams were tender and tasty as was the cheese and the pizza had a nice crust on the bottom. Unfortunately, the pizza was only cooked half way, the top part of the crust was still raw. Really strange since the bottom was fine and the top was browned nicely.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bon Me Chestnut Hill

Bon Me in Chestnut Hill is the latest location for this quickly expanding food empire. They started with food trucks that were wildly successfully and have since the started to move into B/M stores.

They are located in the newly renovated Chestnut Hill Square open-air shopping mall.

The menu is simple, Salads come in a box and the Rice Bowls in a bowl.

Interior is simple and utilitarian and I liked the plants on the wall.

You order at the counter and then pick up there as well.

I went with the Sandwich ($6.50). "Your choice of a filling on a toasted baguette stuffed with pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, housemade spicy mayo, and pork pate." This is really a Banh Mi not sure why they call it just a sandwich. I picked the CHINESE BBQ PORK as my filling. "A sweet and savory Bon Me version of Chinese roasted Char Siu Pork". The pork was excellent, very tender and tasty and there was a good amount of pork on the sandwich. The bread was not as light as I have had in other Banh Mi places but it was very fresh and had a nice crust. The engineering of the sandwich could have been better. The pork was on one side and the veggies on the other with the nice and spicy mayo. The only way this makes sense is to put the sandwich on its side and then eat it that way but if you do that all the fillings fall out. The sandwich was seriously big as well. Overall I was very happy with my lunch.

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