Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twin Seafood West Concord

Nice day for a shortish road trip and I'm off to Twin Seafood in West Concord cruising the back roads with my BFF, the radar detector.

Found parking in front of the entrance, outdoor seating, meter already paid, how's that for a good start? Forget the fish sandwich, forget the fries from my last visit. This is the way to go, tuna sandwich, ordered rare and onion rings. They managed to get some char on the good sized tuna while keeping it rare and the onion rings were just scrumptious! I left the coleslaw untouched, but I thought the tartar sauce was a bit tastier today. I asked what the bread was and was told it was a Hoagie roll, but I doubt that since it wasn't crusty at all, so the bread is still a mystery.

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