Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe Chelmsford

Finally got a chance to get here on a weekend to try the Xi'an Chilled Noodles. He serves them only on the weekend since they take about two days to prep. The dough is made and then he separates the gluten and the result is this:

Silky smooth cold noodles served with bean sprouts, minced garlic and chili oil. The separated gluten is steamed and then served with the noodles. Quote from Gene: "First I separate them and then I put them back together again". Life is good when you get a chance to try a dish like this. He also has a new dish called Xi'an Cold Noodles so don't confuse the two!

The cumin and chili encrusted lamb skewers are crusty, tasty nuggets of lamb charbroiled to perfection. They used to be weekend only but now I think they are available during the week as well but might be done in the deep-fryer during the week.

He shares the building with a liquor store and there is also outdoor seating to the right.

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  1. I have to admit, I sneered at the name when I drove by the place. But ater reading your review I tried it. WOW! Excellent. I will be back, and next time I will also remove some of the garlic ;)