Monday, July 2, 2012

Priya Lowell (Chelmsford)

Despite being down in a basement Priya (Just off the Drum Hill Rotary) is a nice brightly lighted Indian restaurant and they even have a little fountain with running water in the middle.

Spotless interior, spacious seating and very efficient service makes for an excellent lunchspot.

They have a lunch buffet with about 22 items on it. The Vegetarian Samosa in front was excellent. Vegetarian Biryani (to the left) actually had nice kick to it from the spices. Dal Makhani was nice and thick. Butter Chicken was also really nice flavored and it too had a little bit of heat. Next was Potatoes and something, not sure what but it was tasty! The Tandoori Chicken was moist and had a nice char from the Tandoori oven. Seeing dishes that actually are a bit spicy isn't that common on a lunch buffet but I'm happy and they are still in business. There has been a few failing restaurants in this location.

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