Monday, July 2, 2012

Priya Lowell (Chelmsford)

Despite being down in a basement Priya, (Just off the Drum Hill Rotary) is a nice brightly lighted Indian restaurant and they even have a little fountain with running water in the middle.

Spotless interior, spacious seating and very efficient service makes for an excellent lunch spot.

They have a lunch buffet with about 22 items on it. The Vegetarian Samosa in front was excellent. Vegetarian Biryani (to the left) actually had a nice kick to it from the spices. Dal Makhani was nice and thick. Butter Chicken was also really nice flavored and it too had a little bit of heat. Next was Potatoes and something, not sure what but it was tasty! The Tandoori Chicken was moist and had a nice char from the Tandoori oven. Seeing dishes that actually are a bit spicy isn't that common on a lunch buffet but I'm happy and they are still in business. There has been a few failing restaurants in this location.

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