Friday, May 19, 2017

Maple Street Bistro Danvers

Maple Street Bistro in Danvers is part of Essex Technical High School and staffed and run by the students. They are open Wednesday-Friday 11:00-12:15 and reservations are required. Call (978) 304 - 4700 Ext. 2120 after 9:00 AM to reserve a table. They take reservations for one. Seatings are at 11:00, 11:15, 11:30 and 11:45. 

Easy to get to and plenty of parking. You need to check in with security in the lobby with a valid license. You will get a visitor badge while they use your license to scan the sex offenders database.

The inside was pleasant and bright, and you can see the open kitchen in the back. I wasn't sure if I would have to share a table since it was just me, but I got a four top to myself.

They post the menu daily on their website. I got some cheese bread and also some rolls. The cheese bread was really good, light and fluffy, but the butter was stone cold.

Today's soup was Star Island Shrimp Bisque (Cup $2.00 Bowl $3.00). "Native Shrimp Sauteed With Fresh Shallots, Spring Onion, Cognac, Shrimp Broth, Finished With Dairy Cream. Served Piping Hot With a Flakey Butter Biscuit". Of course I got the soup at the same time as my main, so I asked the waitress how I was supposed to eat this without anything getting cold? She offered to remove the soup and bring it back when I was finished with my entree. Didn't make sense, since you eat the soup first. Anyway, the bisque was very tasty with some small shrimps hiding in there. It was more soup than a bisque. The biscuit was flaky and very light. The price certainly was right for my cup of bisque.

I then proceeded to eat my now lukewarm Crispy Shrimp And Haddock Basket ($6.50). "Gulf Shrimp, Atlantic Haddock Lightly Dusted with Our House Crumb, Crisp Fried and Served with Crispy French Fries, Fresh Coleslaw with Honey Crisp Apples Julienne, Fresh Lemon Wedges, and Tartar Sauce". I saw that they sometimes have crispy fries and at other times hand-cut fries, so I was curious if this was just semantics, but no, they are different. There was two gigantic shrimp in there that was perfectly cooked. Three big pieces of haddock that were cooked well enough, but could have done with 30 seconds less in the fryer. It was just marginally moist. The crispy fries was OK. A bit stingy on the tartar sauce but it was very tasty. The coleslaw was very good and really pleasant. No problem getting more tartar sauce. Whoever come up with the idea of serving the fish on top of the fries in a basket should be shot, hanged and then quartered. It doesn't work.

Mutch to my surprise, a dessert was included! Today it was Tiramisu that I took to go. It was really good.

They also had Maple Street Cafe Grilled Sirloin Tips ($6.50) that I took to go. "Italian Marinated Sirloin Tips, Char Grilled, Served Over a Bed of Creamy Parmesan Rice, Crispy Batter Fried Onion Rings, Stuffed Mushrooms Florentine, accompanied by Fresh Sauteed Vegetables". It was a very generous portion. The stuffed mushrooms didn't make it into the box. I was never asked how I wanted the meat cooked, so I was pleasantly surprised when the tips came out medium. The tips had nice grill marks and were very tender and even seasoned. The creamy rice was creamy and cooked perfectly and again well seasoned. The fresh veggies were also cooked well and tasty. The onion rings were fine, not really suited for takeout, but that's not their fault. Why didn't I get a dessert with my takeout? This was a very good meal that I really enjoyed and considering that it was prepped by students makes it even more impressive. I'll be back for sure.
I was surprised that there is no way to leave feedback.

Address 565 Maple St, Danvers, MA 01923
Phone number (978) 304-4700 Ext. 2120 for reservations

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