Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meena's Kitchen Nashua

Visited my dentist in Nashua and decided to have lunch at the delightful Indian vegetarian restaurant Meena's Kitchen in downtown Nashua. 

They serve a six course meal for $9.99 but they don't tell you about in anywhere! Not on the website or in the menu but there is a description on the table but again no price. The six course menu is updated daily on their website.

Soup was a lentil soup with pepper (and lots of it).

Apps was a plain dosa with coconut chutney and zucchini battered with chickpea flour and then deep-fried. Both was very nice.

Mains and dessert. Not to fond of cabbage but this was good. Eggplant was supposed to be spicy but wasn't. The Chitrannam (basmati rice with lemon and stuff) was probably the best dish. Really really tasty. Not much for yogurt but the Raita did look good with stuff in it. To much food so I left the bread alone but have tried it before an it's excellent.

It's really nice place, high quality furniture, nice window tables, open kitchen and of course, linen napkins!

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