Thursday, August 9, 2012

Punjabi Tadka Arlington

Punjabi Tadka (link from take out menu, no website up yet) in Arlington opened this week so I decided to give them a try for lunch today. 

You get one piece of Papad to munch on while waiting for your food. You actually get a way bigger piece than this but again my mouth engaged before the brain cut in for a picture. The Onion Chutney was very good, not as spicy as most places but very tasty. Wish they would have cleaned the containers before bringing them out.

Went with my old favorite, Chicken Saag and the chicken was tender and moist, I would have liked the spinach a bit more "runny" but it was very flavorful. Ordered it medium and it was on the mild side. Prices are comparable to Punjab up the street but no soup or linen napkins but a portion that could have feed two people. Good value for the money and very pleasant service, but I was also the only customer in the place. The tableware was very sleek and modern as you can see from the picture.
They also offer a lunch Thali, vegetarian $9.95 and meat $10.95 and one more with a Samosa added (I think) for $11.95 and also the same in Tiffin to go version, $7.95 and 8.95 respectively. The full menu looks pretty standard including Dosas.

Interior is nice, looks much the same as it did before, repainted and new carpets.

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