Monday, November 5, 2012

Punjabi Tadka Arlington

Back to Punjabi Tadka in Arlington to try some more Indian for lunch. I have been alternating on Mondays between these guys and Punjab up the street. Punjabi's non-vegetarian lunch menu, apart from the Tali and the Nan sandwiches seems to be either Saag or generic "Curry" as far as choices go so it was time to try the "Curry".

Chicken Curry from the lunch menu, never got asked what level of spiciness I desired. They did ask last week and I said hot and the Chicken Saag come out without any trace of heat whatsoever, but when I pointed this out they brought out something to spice things up and that helped. The curry itself was very sweet but apart from a taste of tomato, it was really pretty bland. Salt didn't really help, but a good amount of the onion chutney helped. Come to think about it, last week's Chicken Saag was also very bland. On the good side, the chicken was plentiful and cooked nicely. Service was very good but since I was the only customer, how could it not be!

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