Monday, April 15, 2013

Rang Indian Bistro Stoneham

Decided to visit Rang Indian Bistro in Stoneham for a nice Indian lunch today on the dreaded tax day. I was informed when I arrived that I hadn't been there for a long time and they, were in fact, right, almost one year had passed since my last visit.

The interior is nice with bench seating and a shiny hardwood floor. Outside is the not very exciting Stoneham Square.

Papads and chutney arrive quickly and you get a good amount of papads and the chutney is HOT.

Decided to order a Dosa today and it comes with coconut chutney (not hot) and Sambar soup. The soup was a vegetable soup and it was a nice mixture of veggies,

The chicken and potato filled dosa was nice and crisp with a good chew on the dosa. The chicken filling was a nice diced tandoori chicken and spiced potatoes. Nice lunch and I also had a Groupon for $10 worth of food for $5 and the Dosa was $9.95 so that worked out nicely.

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