Friday, January 17, 2014

Daikanyama Lexington

I went to Daikanyama in Lexington for lunch today after hearing about it in a discussion about Sushi in Lexington and what a delightful little place! I never even know that they existed and they have been here for six years.

Real chopsticks and naturally, linen napkins. In addition to the menu, you also get a Nook loaded with gorgeous pictures of the sushi specials. Brilliant!

Lunch specials come with Miso soup, not bad actually, and a small salad.

Black Pork Tonkatsu from the lunch menu is really a Bento box minus the box. The crispy and perfectly cooked pork was served on a rack to make sure that the underside didn't get soggy. There is some real care here about the food. A small mound of very, very fine sliced cabbage was drizzled with some Japanese mayo. There was also a small dab of very hot mustard. The two dumplings were piping hot and the pickled veggies had a hint of heat. There was also some fruit to finish the meal off. Service was very good and I have to go back and try more items from the very extensive menu.

It's a tiny place, but they had three sushi chefs working behind the very small sushi counter and the sushi seemed to come out very quickly.

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