Thursday, February 5, 2015

Border Cafe Burlington

The food is consistent, and the prices are reasonable at Border Cafe in Burlington, but the place is still VERY loud, but at least they have the heat on.

Busy busy at lunchtime and VERY loud, did I mention that? Service is usually very good, but today I got a very disinterested waiter, only saw him when ordering and when he delivered the food and after I flagged him down to get my bill.

A big glass of water and chips and salsa. I think I was so early that I got yesterday's chips. They were still OK but could have been fresher. The salsa was OK.

Catfish New Orleans ($12.96) is a large fresh fillet of catfish, royally seasoned, deep fried with a shrimp and basil cream sauce. One of my favorites here and this time ordered with the jambalaya. Fish was nicely cooked, and the jambalaya was tasty. Not sure what they did with the lemon, it was completely devoid of lemon juice. I'm also intrigued by the reasoning behind pricing something at $12.96? What's wrong with just plain $13?

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