Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chettinad Grill Burlington

Chettinad Grill in Burlington opened recently in the space that used to be Bombay Club. Bombay Club lasted just a year after taking over the much missed The Mughals space.

Interior hasn't changed, and they do a daily Lunch Buffet ($10.99). All the items to the right are vegetarian and include soup and naan and papads. A goat dish, the omnipresent Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken and a Biryani was available. The chef was very happy to talk about his food and said that the Biryani doesn't use basmati rice but a special imported short grain rice just to be authentic to Chettinad cuisine. Chettinad cuisine is one of the spiciest and the most aromatic in India.

In the container top left is Eggplant Kotu that was excellent, and spicy! On the plate, we have Chayote Poriyal, Potatoes and Peas, Tandoori Chicken and Masala Seeyam. Never had the Chayote Poriyal but it was very nice as was the Potatoes and Peas and both dishes were seriously spicy! I also learned that chayote is a vegetable, and it was nice. Really spicy food on a lunch buffet, not often you see that. I wasn't too excited about the crispy Masala Seeyam, but that's just me. Lemon rice was also nice and tasty. The Tandoori Chicken was freshly cooked and really moist.

A freshly made Dosa with a mild potato filling was also included.

Big condiment section and everything looked fresh. I was impressed by the food and the amount of heat, I was less impressed by the price, but I might be the only one since the place filled up at lunch today. There was a note on the receipt about signing up for the mailing list, but the (incorrect) URL led to a page for the cash register, and there is no obvious sign-up section on the website.

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