Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cha Yen Watertown

On this sunny but cold Saturday, I decided to return to Cha Yen Thai Cookery in Watertown for some more delightful Thai food. Parking is a pain, but it's only 50¢ per hour.

I got my window seat and started with the Poh Piah ($6). The menu said Cucumber, bean sprouts, spiced tofu, scallion and eggs in soft rice flour. I think they forgot pancake at the end. Not sure what the dressing on top is, but it was sticky and sweet, a nice offset to the fresh veggies. There was also sliced jalapenos on top.

I had never had Sukothai before but ordered it with duck ($10). Choice of egg noodles or rice noodles with soft-boiled egg, fish cake, fish ball, peanuts, green beans, bean sprouts, scallion and cilantro. I selected the egg noodles. The beansprout was absent, and it was served with the spices unmixed. Peanuts for crunch, lime for sour and sugar for sweet and chili flakes for heat. I removed some of the sugar before mixing everything up. The egg was runny, the noodles cooked really nice, and the duck was outstanding, tender and moist. Now I see why people pay $3 for the extra duck. This was a really interesting dish, and I wouldn't mind having it again.

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