Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gin U Dee Stoneham

Time for some Thai food for lunch today, so I headed back to Gin U Dee in Stoneham.

There is free on-street parking and also a communal lot a bit further up the street.

They haven't got any bigger but it was nice and warm inside. It didn't get any busier than this, unfortunately. This has me a bit worried.

I decided to try the Spicy Crispy Chicken** $9.15(Sm) and asked for it to be two peppers as marked on the menu. The chicken was nice and crisp and still moist. Despite the fearsome looking chili peppers in the dish, it was just about one pepper spicy but despite that, it was a tasty dish. My total came to $9.80 and the girl didn't let me use a CC since the minimum is $10! Not too happy about this, since it's just stupid.

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