Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dockside Wakefield

Dockside Restaurant in Wakefield proudly announces that they are conveniently located on Main Street. It's true but Main Street is awfully long and goes all the way to Melrose and they are quite a bit outside Wakefield center.

Located in a nondescript building that is easy to miss. Dockside Restaurants now have four locations in Mass.

It's a sports bar and looks like it, seriously a bit dated. Lots of Keno screens on the walls. I got a nice booth next to a window, so I was happy.

Entrees come with a salad that wasn't too bad and the honey mustard dressing was nice and thick. Naturally, you get a minuscule napkin wrapped around the silverware.

I went with the Haddock, $7.99 for a half order. You have a choice between Baked and Broiled except that I was never asked, so I have no idea what I got. Looking at it, it could have been either. The mashed potatoes were fine albeit not too hot. I also got two packets of whipped butter that I had no idea what do with but since you can never have too much butter in mashed potatoes, in they went. The fish was cooked fine and was piping hot and the tartar sauce was also OK. The service was very friendly and not a bad lunch especially considering the price.

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