Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beijing Chinese Dining Lexington

Where is spring? Did I miss it? Early May and it's only in the high 40's. Time for some Chinese food so I went to Beijing Chinese Dining in Lexington.

魚香雞片 Yu Shiang Chicken ($7.95). The best translation I can find is Sichuan Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce. Apart from chicken it also had bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms and snow peas and carrots had been added since the last time I had it. It was mildly garlicky and despite a good amount of chili oil, it also lacked in heat. The spring roll was a bit dense and the normally tasty fried rice was on the bland side. The H&S soup was hot but lacked sour.

The interior is elegant and bright from the big windows. They did a fair amount of business at lunch today.

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