Thursday, June 16, 2016

Casey's Diner Natick

To say that Casey's Diner in Natick is an institution is kind of an understatement since they have now been in business here for over 120 years. The Diner is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the oldest operating diners in Massachusetts (possibly even the United States!).

I knew that I should have trusted my instinct and taken Rte 27 into Natick and then used the GPS. Instead, the stupid thing took me through Wellesley and that isn't the fastest way to go anywhere except slow. It also happily took me down a one-way street, the wrong way, just outside a police station but I got lucky. A sign? We don't need no stinking sign, everyone knows where we are. The takeout window to the right did a brisk business. The main entrance is in the middle with a SLIDING door.

Ten stools at the counter and that's it as far as seating goes. Brian is cooking burgers down there and the hot dogs are assembled across from me, buns are steamed in the copper thing.

You order your hot dog "All Around" and get mustard, relish and onions in a steamed bun. I was sitting next to the takeout window and heard people order a dog all around with mustard ketchup relish etc and the comment from the inside was "You really don't know what all around means, do you?". The bun was nice but the dog was overcooked and, as you can see, broken so whatever snap it once had was long gone. I also observed that the dogs were moved from the hot side to the colder side by spearing them with a fork and that will also kill the snap. The condiment was applied very unevenly. $2.75 for this was a bit overpriced given the quality.

When you have finished your hot dog, the burger is ready. Plain burger with onions cooked on the burger. Nice char on the burger and the bun was toasted nicely but the burger was well done and completely unseasoned but it had a nice coarse grind. I didn't know I had a choice and wasn't asked when ordering, about the doneness until the lady next to me got a nice pink burger. Now, $3.80 for the burger wasn't a bad deal at all. Twenty cents more gets you a cheeseburger.

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