Saturday, August 27, 2016

Besito Burlington

I had to go to the Burlington Mall and it was time to revisit Besito.

I parked in the back of Sears and took a stroll inside to get to Besito. Much to my surprise, Sears are now only occupying one floor. How the mighty have fallen.

They used to have some dishes starting at $8.95 but for that, you now only get a Vegetarian Quesadilla, everything else is $11.95 and up. The menu has also seriously shrunk down with a lot of old favorites missing. The fresh chips and salsa are very good, the salsa was less garlicky than on my last visit. From the Street Taco's menu, I picked the Camarones ($11.95). "Crispy shrimp, salsa chipotle crema, salsa molcajete, queso fresco." They have now scaled it back so you only get one tortilla per taco. The tacos were very tasty and the shrimp was crisp and cooked nicely. The complimentary black beans and rice were also very good, both cooked perfectly. The rice was nicely flavored with green onions and pumpkin seeds. The service was indifferent but I had a male waiter.

Address 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone number (781) 272-9900

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