Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bonefish Grill Burlington

I wanted something Benedict today, so I went back to Bonefish Grill in Burlington that I haven't been to for quite a while.

There are some nice decorations on the walls.

My brunch favorite Bang Bang Shrimp Eggs Benedict with a toasted English muffin, crispy shrimp, poached eggs, green onions + spicy Hollandaise sauce (11.3) was cooked perfectly today and really delicious. Not sure why they give you a huge knife with the meal, the muffins was very tender and also toasted nicely.

This is how it looked at 12:30 and the waitress, who had only been here for a month, said that it had been slow the whole time. 

Address 4 Wayside Rd, Burlington, MA 01803 
Phone number (781) 273-0768

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