Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Smoke Shop Cambridge

The Smoke Shop Cambridge was opened by Andy Husband, a well-known Boston Restaurateur. Formerly, he worked with Chris Schlesinger at the legendary East Coast Grill. But even more significantly, he is one of the founding members of IQUE, the first New England team to ever win the Jack Daniel's World Championship BBQ Invitational in 2009. They are located in One Kendall Square, not to be confused with 1 Kendall Square that is a completely different location.

Nice looking with a glassed in bar area overlooking the square. They also serve outside on the small patio.

It was bright and sunny in the bar that had a number of high-tops next to the windows.

The dining area in the back with an open kitchen.

I decided to go with the Pit Boss ($26) "Choice of Three Meats & Three Sides." I went with wings, ribs and brisket. For the sides, I picked Bacon Collards "blackstrap molasses," Crispy Brussel Sprouts "hazelnuts, lemon" and Pit Beans. Did I mention that I hated Brussel sprouts growing up? The beans were very tasty but on the sweet side, not as sweet as Boston baked beans and a good dose of the Gold sauce helped out a bit. The Collards had a good consistency with a good amount of bacon. Again a tad sweet, were is the vinegar? The Brussel sprouts were, to my amazement, pretty good and I kept on eating them. The wings were pretty tasty with a nice rub on the outside. The brisket was tender and smokey and done really well. The (small) ribs were the best of the bunch. Tender, smokey with a good bark and NOT falling off the bone tender. Overall a really good meal even if it was on the pricier side.

You get your own BBQ Sauces on the table. The Hot wasn't very hot but the Gold had some heat and was pretty delicious. All my leftovers were nicely packaged.  Kendall Square in the backroom with The Blue Room to the left and The State Park across and down.

One Kendall Sq, Boston, MA 02118 
Phone number (617) 577-7427

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