Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bay Berry Woburn

Bay Berry in Woburn is not only a vegetarian restaurant, but I found out today that they are also vegan, and the food still tastes good. I'm still confused about the name. Their website says Bay Berry but the sign outside says Bayberry.

This isn't just another picture of a Miso soup but something very rare, a Miso soup that actually tastes of something! Of course, the shitake mushrooms helps.

For my lunch, I picked Singapore Noodles with a salad ($9). The noodles were excellent, and I must admit that the lack of protein wasn't even noticeable. The salad was very fresh, and the red stuff is actually beets, and I don't like beets, but these strings went down easily. The dressing was the generic orange dressing so common in Thai and Japanese places. I told them that I thought they should change it to something better that reflects the quality of their food.

The interior is very nice with good quality furniture. Unfortunately, this is how it looked when I got there, and they only had one takeout order during my lunch.

Something has changed in their parking lot since my first visit.

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