Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tudo Na Brasa Woburn

Sunday Lunch at A Taste of Brasil as usual.

Today I changed and added on a Boneless Rosemary Chicken thigh from the BBQ section in addition to the fish and cracklings.  Moist chicken, really nice flavor, this is excellent. Paying by weight, just over $5, how can you beat that?

Across the street is Tre Monte's, the best Restaurant in Woburn, not that there is much competition at this level here. Nice family run Italian restaurant, really nice. Just noticed the sign in the window that they do lunch Wed-Fri, have to try that.

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  1. Big fan of yours, ferrari, so after living in Winchester for 25 yrs, we will now finally go to Tre Monte and Tudo na brasa! looking forward to both.