Saturday, June 16, 2012

Masa Woburn

Went back to Masa in Woburn today for their Fiesta Brunch after a long absence. I used to go to about every Saturday but got disappointed in their inability to poach an egg and to scramble an egg. Most of the time, they were overcooked. I did complain, but nothing changed so I left. I'm also friendly with the general manager and he was aware of the problem.

The Fiesta Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday ($7.95 for two courses with free coffee or tea). Fresh fruit to start with, nice and fresh, no strawberries today.

I was a bit nervous about the Santa Feet Eggs Benedict given my previous experience but what do I get? Two perfectly poached eggs, crispy fried potatoes with caramelized onions. There is also some nice Guacamole on the very tender biscuits. Add a bit of hot sauce and it was excellent. The only drawback was that the Green Chile Hollandaise might have been a little bit too acidic. This is really such a good deal in a very pleasant environment.

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