Thursday, June 14, 2012

Toraya Arlington

I friend of mine was part owner of Toraya in Arlington when it opened many years ago and then sold to what I believe is the current owner who made a HUGE success out of it. Reasonable prices and outstanding quality fish and a top notch sushi chef worked for him.

This is a small place, really really small, about 24 seats including the seats at the sushi counter. This is another place where it pays off to get there early. On weekends, there is usually a long wait for a table and for takeout. One waitress, one sushi chef and whoever works in the kitchen. Service is super friendly and efficient.

I had a picture of the included miso soup that you get with your bento box, but a bowl of miso soup look like any other bowl. It was nice but not worth a picture. My bento box was the Sashimi one and isn't it pretty! I can't even start to list all the stuff that was in the appetizer area! Look at the molded rice. What a pleasant meal this was.

Today's specials. Capelins, Octopus, Chicken Hearts, Beef Tongue. Well, your everyday menu it isn't.

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