Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tulip Stoneham

I heard about and have seen reviews about a new Chinese/Japanese restaurant in Stoneham but didn't remember the name or the location so I ended up at Tulip in Stoneham and I don't think this was the right place. This is one of these places with a humongous buffet with everything from onion rings to cake. Sushi included! Yeah, right, some vegetable maki and one maki that had a minuscule sliver of tuna in it.

Some apps and maki to start with. The orange ball is a lobster ball and that was a rubbery thing that tasted faint of lobster. The big maki closest to me I have no idea what was in it, not even after tasting it. The maki with asparagus had perfectly cooked asparagus in it. The onion ring was mostly batter, but the fried shrimp was OK. Chicken wings were crispy and moist.

The various shrimp dishes were OK as was the green beans. Curried chicken not so OK. Pepper chicken in the back was a bit dry otherwise OK. Best was the BBQ pork slice, tender and really tasty.

In the back, there is a Teppanyaki table where they cook Chicken, Beef and Shrimp and a few veggies to order. Skipped the chicken, ordered the beef rare (it was) and the shrimp and veggies were nicely cooked. I did see half a side of baked salmon out there that looked really good. Service was good, water was refilled and they were really attentive in removing plates. The food on the steam tables was also refilled frequently (on all four of them). All this for $10.50. I could go back and eat the pork and the shrimp and be pretty happy about it. You get a knife and fork by default and you have to ask for chopsticks.

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