Monday, May 1, 2017

King Bibis Woburn

King Bibis in Woburn opened two weeks ago in the space where Central Grill resided. I must admit that I never visited CG.

You can see traces of Central Grill all over the place. They do Sfihas and Pasteis being a Brazilian restaurant. I have no idea what it says under the name. Anyone?

The tables look much better than when I poked my head in last week. I'm not very enamored with the plastic on the tables or the rolled up silverware, but it's a very casual place. There was a lot of staff, and everyone in the place seemed to know each other.

It's a fairly big buffet, and everything seemed fresh. They do the buffet 7 days a week and also serve a breakfast buffet until 11:00.

Salads and fresh fruit. Eggs anyone? They did correct the sign later on.

First trip to the buffet. The potato/egg/veggie salad was very good. The pork cutlet was tender and well seasoned. Next is a piece of kielbasa, I think. The chicken on the bone up top was tender and juicy. The beans were cooked nicely and were seasoned well. The rice in the middle was also very tasty, and the fish was flaky. On the next trip, I tried the beef stew with yuka and the beef was tender, and the yuka was interesting. I also tried the black beans, but I liked the brown ones better. I was impressed by how well everything was cooked and also with the seasoning, and all the food was HOT. This was a very tasty lunch, and I'll be back.

Address 315 main Street Woburn, MA 01801
Phone 781-281-1652

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  1. i think it says "the king of esfirra" which apparently is a kind of Brazilian pie that comes via the Middle east:

    "The esfiha (my preferred spelling) was brought to Brazil from the Middle East by the large immigrant communities from Lebanon and Syria, most of whom settled in São Paulo. From there it spread throughout the entire country. An esfiha is a member of the "flatbread-pizza" family, found round the world. It is basically a round of leavened bread spread with any number of ingredients and served either open (like a pizza) or closed (like a calzone). The spicing and ingredients bear evidence of the esfiha's Middle Eastern origins, with ground meats, cumin, onions, a touch of cinnamon being common ingredients to fill an esfiha. There are many other versions, including ingredients like chicken, eggplant, eggs and, of course, cream cheese."

    1. oh, heh wait. I see now your post says "they do sfihas" which means you already know what they are! never mind. I didn't!

    2. On the menu they call them Sfihas.

  2. Heh, I guess even though the word is pronounced the same way in any case, they opted for one spelling on the menus and the other on the window. Good find! I want to check this out.

  3. Went by there today on my walk and there is black tarps over the windows. It must have closed already.

    1. Open today at lunch with people inside, no idea what's going on.