Friday, August 31, 2012

MuLan Waltham

Ended up at MuLan in Waltham after not being able to find parking at Tree Top Thai.

Old stand-by, Salt and Pepper Pork Chop lunch combo.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tulip Stoneham

Sometimes I get a craving for American Chinese, fortunately, it isn't too often, so I decided to pay another visit to Tulip in Stoneham. They have one of these humongous buffets at lunch.

Onion Rings, not really edible, Crab Claw, still trying to figure what's in it. fake crab and avocado maki was OK. Boneless spareribs were nice and greasy. Chicken wing was OK. "Fresh Scallops" wasn't really and I doubt it was scallop either. Shrimp dumpling was OK, bit lacking in shrimp.

I had high hopes for Clams in Black Bean sauce but the sauce was way too sweet but the clams was cooked perfectly, baked seafood, no comment, Barbecued Pork was excellent the last time, can't say the same today, very dry apart from the small end-piece. Butter Shrimp was OK. The addition of some chili oil helped a lot.

More Butter Shrimp, the Barbecued Chicken was actually pretty good, Still trying to figure out the Crab Claw and the Scallops but no luck. Shrimp dumplings and Tasty Green Beans. I must admit that the Tasty Green Beans was probably the highlight of the lunch. Service was good and they were really busy. I think for the money Mandarin in Reading is way better.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Asian Gourmet Concord

Back to Asian Gourmet in Concord on a beautiful day, perfect for a small road trip.

Spicy Noodles in Soup with Beef Sirloin is what the menu said. Wasn't very spicy and I really doubt that it was sirloin either. My guess would be chuck. The noodles were thick and cooked perfectly, the broth was nice as was the baby bok choy. Not really sure what the garnish on top was but I eat it anyway.
Noticed a sign that said Credit card minimum $15 (not legal, can only be $10) and 6% discount for cash payment over $15.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mughals Burlington

I saw on their website that they were having Chilli Chicken on the buffet today and since I can't resist a Chilli Chicken off I went. They are about 10 min from home, so how lucky am I?

Apart from the Chilli Chicken (their spelling) I got Goan Shrimp Curry, Lamb Biryani, Corn Pulao, Mix Veg Curry, Aloo Jeera (Potatoes), Palak Paneer and Daal Panchmela on the side. A few freshly made Papad's completed the spread. Everything was excellent but I could go back for the Chilli Chicken alone! In fact, my second plate was Aloo Jeera and more of the Chilli Chicken. Notice the linen napkin? Another plus is my book.

Another picture of the buffet, the container that was unlabeled in the corner contained the papad's before you had to order them separately.

The thought of the Day.
Why do people load up their plates with so much food? It's not going away.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Masa Woburn

Time to get some Espresso Beans from Whole Foods so it's Masa for lunch today.

Caesar Chicken Wrap again and it's good but I must admit the presentation was better the last time and I had to cut it in half today. Still a very nice lunch in a very nice restaurant for a very reasonable price.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Udupi Bhavan Nashua

Udupi Bhavan has been open in Lowell for quite a while and recently opened another branch in the Sun Plaza in Nashua were a couple of Indian Restaurants was the previous inhabitants.

Interior is nice and bright as opposed to the doom and gloom in the previous restaurant.

It's the same menu as they have in the Lowell location and all you can eat buffet at lunchtime that also includes a Dosa. Food was good and hot and tasty and I don't have to deal with the suicidal drivers at the Chelmsford rotary. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zocalo Arlington

Seems to be a Mexican week, returning to Zocalo in Arlington.

Make your own Quesadilla, Beef and creamed Poblano peppers. Tender marinated beef with creamy Poblanos and Onions and a small blob of guacamole, hold the sour cream. Really nice lunch, too bad Mr Grump was serving today.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guadalajara Grill Malden

Was in the mood for some Mexican so I took a drive to Malden and Guadalajara Grill.

Two Tacos, one with Ground Beef and one with Chicken. The beef one as a bit strange tasted almost burnt but the chicken one was fine, a good amount of shredded chicken. Lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese were generously provided.  The chicken taco benefited from having some of the excellent salsa poured into it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Punjabi Tadka Arlington

Back to Punjabi Tadka in Arlington to try some more Indian for lunch.

This does qualify as a Thali according to Wikipedia even if I prefer the more traditional one with soup, chutney and dessert added. However, this was really good, chickpeas, lentils and spinach with plenty of basmati rice. Everything was piping hot and very flavorful, only complaint was that the naan was undercooked in the middle. Not really a problem since there was plenty of food. Got two pieces of Papad today and this time the condiment containers were clean. This is probably three of my favorite Indian vegetarian dishes so I was happy.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thai Moon Arlington

Wanted something different for lunch today so why not try the curry at Thai Moon in Arlington since they do serve lunch on weekends?

Red Curry with Pork. The pork was very tender, crispy veggies, velvety eggplant and a really nice and tasty red curry. Marked with two stars but was on the milder side, not a problem can be adjusted on the next visit. For $7.50 you get a good amount of very tasty food. Perfect lunch for an overcast day. Can't wait to try the three star Green Curry.

Friday, August 17, 2012

MuLan Waltham

I haven't had lunch at MuLan in Waltham for a month so off I went for some Taiwanese fare.

Today's choice was Chicken in Chili Sauce lunch combo plate. The dish is completely misnamed, guess something was lost in translation. Lightly dressed melon and corn on the cob was today's sides. This is such a good dish, fiercely hot but delicious.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Mughals Burlington

The Mughals recently opened in North Burlington and is located on Rte 3A in a little strip mall between 3A and Shaws. They serve a lunch buffet every day (closed on Mondays) and also lunch takeout only dishes that come with rice and naan ($7.95 to $9.95). The lunch buffet is $9.95 weekdays and $12.95 weekends. The daily buffet contents are updated daily on their website.

Today's buffet contained Palak Paneer, Mughlai Navratna Korma, Bukhaara Daal e Bahaar, Spicy Chilli Aloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Mughlai, Garlic Fish, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Lemon Rice, Plain Basmati Rice, Veg Samosa, Onion Bhajji, Raita, Fresh Salad, Kheer and Gulab Jamun,Mixed pickles, Assorted chutney and Fresh Naan served on table.(Papad made to order). There is another table to the left with Tandoori chicken, desserts and condiments. Everything was clearly labeled and I really appreciate that.

I started with Veg Samosa and Onion Bhajji, both were excellent, really good spicing on the Samosa. On the first plate, we have Chili Potatoes, Dhal, Tandoori chicken,  Chicken Biryani, Garlic Fish,  Chicken Mughlai and Palak Paneer. Things were spicy! Not overly so but tasty, they, of course, make all their own spice blends and use them well. Most of the time food on a buffet is fairly bland but not here. Everything was really really good, Tandoori chicken was tasty and moist, Chili Potatoes had chilis in them! Seconds was Tandoori chicken, Garlic fish, Chili Potatoes and Palak Paneer. Naan was delivered hot and fresh to the table and was so delicious and light that I broke my own principle of not eating bread at a buffet. They offered refills of the naans if you wanted and I believe that you can get garlic naan as well.

The interior is bright and well lighted, tables and chairs are of good quality. Shortly after noon they were packed! Not surprisingly considering the quality of the food.

The Mughals Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scugnizzi Arlington

Time to try the pizza at Scugnizzi in Arlington for lunch. Good selection of "personal" pizzas and I'm not sure what I expected, but I got a 14" pizza.

This is the Pollo al Pesto, a white pizza with pesto, chicken and mozzarella. Really really thin crust and I really like the crust this way, super thin bottom and crunchy edges. Not sure what they have done to the chicken but it was super tasty. Overall a really really good pizza.
They also now serve a slice of Sicilian pizza for $1.75 (table service) and a gentleman at another table raved about his after he was done. Good sized square thick pizza with a good amount of toppings.

Scugnizzi on Urbanspoon

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blue Ribbon BBQ Arlington

Apart from doing excellent BBQ they also have a few outstanding dishes. First, the soups, all of which are excellent but look out for the Kale Soup served over mashed potatoes.

The other one is the Spicy Chicken Rollup that has been on the specials board since they opened but have finally made it onto the sandwich list. Lettuce, tomato, finely cut cabbage and some diced celery complement the chicken salad. Not very spicy but very very good. Tons of chicken salad and with two sides it's a fairly substantial meal or (for me) two.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sichuan Palace Chelmsford

Wanted some duck today so I went to Sichuan Palace in Chelmsford for their $8.50 duck lunch special.

Not such a good idea. Hot and Sour Soup was so thick that it could be eaten with a fork. Duck was very salty and the part under the lemon was fried to a crisp and the skin was very fuzzy as can be seen in the picture. Rice was way overcooked and mushy. 

You now get soup and appetizer with lunch and the chicken wing was OK with a nice crisp coating.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Punjabi Tadka Arlington

Punjabi Tadka (link from take out menu, no website up yet) in Arlington opened this week so I decided to give them a try for lunch today. 

You get one piece of Papad to munch on while waiting for your food. You actually get a way bigger piece than this but again my mouth engaged before the brain cut in for a picture. The Onion Chutney was very good, not as spicy as most places but very tasty. Wish they would have cleaned the containers before bringing them out.

Went with my old favorite, Chicken Saag and the chicken was tender and moist, I would have liked the spinach a bit more "runny" but it was very flavorful. Ordered it medium and it was on the mild side. Prices are comparable to Punjab up the street but no soup or linen napkins but a portion that could have feed two people. Good value for the money and very pleasant service, but I was also the only customer in the place. The tableware was very sleek and modern as you can see from the picture.
They also offer a lunch Thali, vegetarian $9.95 and meat $10.95 and one more with a Samosa added (I think) for $11.95 and also the same in Tiffin to go version, $7.95 and 8.95 respectively. The full menu looks pretty standard including Dosas.

Interior is nice, looks much the same as it did before, repainted and new carpets.

Punjabi Tadka on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spicepepper Garden Acton

Decided it was a nice day for a drive so off to Spicepepper Garden in Acton for some Sichuan lunch.

With lunch, you get an appetizer and a soup except when you order soup! Sorry, took a bite out of the spring roll before remembering to take a picture. The spring roll was OK.

On the menu, this is called Zha Jiang Pork Noodle Red Oil Soup. It's a fairly common dish, noodles with ground pork and veggies and chili oil. Noodles were cooked nicely and the soup underneath that oil slick was very nice and crystal clear.
I also ordered Bacon Slices in Spicy Garlic Sauce to go for dinner. Can't wait!
Update on dinner.
Bacon was still excellent but the dish lacked garlic and the sauce was only soy sauce, no chili oil at all.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guadalajara Grill Malden

Went back to Guadalajara Grill in Malden today for some more Mexican food and some more of that excellent salsa and chips.

Chili Verde is a simple dish, one of the few pork dishes on the menu but executed nicely here. Tender juicy pork in a green chili that had a nice acidity from the tomatillos. Lots of food! I also tried the warm tortillas that come with your meal and they were excellent and piping hot. 

Another picture of the interior, it's all very nicely done, just a very nice place.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Indian Express Woburn

Stopped by Indian Express in Woburn today for some lunch takeout on this hot hot and muggy day. Perfect day for some Indian food!

Chicken Saagwala comes with Basmati Rice and Chutney. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the spinach looked a bit dull, not as bright green as I expected and it also lacked a bit in the taste. It was nicely spiced and the chutney was good but if you compare it with Punjab in Arlington where you for the same price get a full-service meal including a soup this one doesn't really hack it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sel de la Terre Natick

Sel de la Terre in Natick is next to Nordstrom's in the Natick Mall. Is it worth to pay $13.95 for a burger at lunch?

Well, if you get a perfectly cooked burger made of locally raised cattle, caramelized onions, Cabot cheddar, roasted red pepper remoulade, rosemary Pommes Frites it might actually be worth it! Incredible tasty and juicy burger with outstanding matchstick cut Rosemary French Fries and a soft and tasty bun. The rosemary was a bit lacking on the fries, but they were so good anyway.
Free parking underground.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pasha Arlington

I remember stopping by Pasha (Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine) in Arlington (No web site, just Facebook) and asking about lunch shortly after they opened and was told that they might have some sandwiches later so it fell off my radar. Having walked by the place twice in two days now, I decided to give it a try for lunch today.

Skewered Lamb Wrap was served with an excellent small chopped salad and French Fries. The lamb was excellent, tender with a good char on the outside and the wrap contained plenty of lamb. Served with Pashas special dressing that was really good, reminded me somewhat about a Thousand Island dressing. The only drawback was the French Fries, perfectly cooked but it was supermarket FF refried. I would have loved to see some freshly cut homemade fries instead. I did make a note about this on the check that has space for comments (Another excellent idea).

Really nice and clean interior, very nice waitress and the place did fill up a bit later on. Overall a very pleasant meal and I'll be back. Wraps run about $9.95 and they also have meals that run between $10.95 to $13.95 at lunchtime. Not the cheapest but the quality of the food was very good.

Pasha Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thai Moon Arlington

Back to Thai Moon in Arlington to try something spicy and see how they do.

Chicken Basil was marked with 2 stars out of 3 and when I ordered I was asked if I liked spicy and I said yes. This was indeed nicely spicy with a good amount of heat. Didn't detect any bird eye's chili just the red chili's. The basil was the normal basil, Thai hot basil is fairly hard to find. Nice dish, chicken might have been a tad dry but otherwise OK.

They have two window tables so you can watch all the pedestrian action outside.