Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Biryani Park Malden

Biryani Park in Malden is a Sri Lankan restaurant that recently started to serve a buffet at lunchtime and have never had their food this was an easy way to try it. They have got raves for their normal menu.

This is a fairly small buffet, there was a couple of soups and the okra to the left next to the buffet. Strange place, it was like they had taken a living room and just added dining tables to it. Water comes in the form of a whole pitcher left at the table and I really like that, good move.

The Rasam soup lacked veggies apart from the chili, but it was nice regardless and it was SPICY, not deadly so but not for the faint of heart.

Chicken curry was really nice and hot and fresh, Gobi something, forgot that Gobi is cauliflower that I don't really like, Chicken "65" was really nicely spiced but was reheated from yesterday or the day before but was tasty (and RED). Dal Curry was nice, really good flavor, The Okra was cold but when I pointed that out, I was told that it was supposed to be a cold appetizer, Veg Kotty Paratna (Probably have the name wrong since I can't even Google it) was, I think, shredded cabbage and was tasty but cold, Malabar Chicken Curry was fresh and really good. Rice was nice. Not too much business, it was only me there today. There were a couple more dishes that I didn't try. Really nice and friendly people working there, their office was a table about 6 feet from my table! Interesting food, not your normal Indian buffet. My GPS took me on a wild ride to get there, should have looked at a bigger map before starting out. Pass FuLoon and hang a right and they are just up the street.

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