Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tenoch Medford

Saw on Tenoch in Medford's Facebook page that the specials for this week was Taco Placero (chicharron, carnitas, pico de gallo), Pozole Rojo, Pollo con mole poblano (chicken with mole sauce, rice, and tortillas). For some reason, I can see this on my timeline but not on theirs! Since I love a good Pozole off I went. What wasn't mentioned was that the specials are only served after 5:00PM so no Pozole.

Instead, I opted for two Tostadas, one with Chorizo and one with Marinated Grilled Chicken. The Chicken one with Salsa Rojo and the Chorizo one with Salsa Verde. Both were excellent apart from that both the Chicken and the Chorizo was cold.

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