Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Mughals Burlington

Time for some Indian food and since The Mughals are around the corner off I go.

As soon as I entered I was asked if I would like to try a different Naan so I chose Garlic Naan and it was really good, just the right amount of garlic on a very light Naan. 

Lots of good stuff today! Chana Masala, Mutter Pulao (Basmati Rice with Peas), a couple of different Pakodas, one potato and one onion. Ginger Chicken, Butter Chicken, both new to me here and both very good. Bhindi Masala was a dry fried spicy Okra, I have never had Okra like this and it was REALLY good. Crispy, spicy and just excellent. Malai Kofta was OK.

More Butter Chicken and also some Chicken Biryani that wasn't as spicy as before. Another big heap of the Okra and a piece of Tandoori Chicken. There is also a few pieces of Fish Chettinad in there since fish are good for you.

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