Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mughals Burlington

Stopped by The Mughals in Burlington for some takeout lunch today. I'm impressed that there are always new things on the menu to try. Here's today's loot!

Bottom left is Chicken Pepper Fry, very nice and despite its name, not overly spicy. Nestled in there is the Aloo Tikki, literally "potato croquet", really nice and spicy! Daal Makhani in the container was really nice spiced. Above are the Eggplant Bhajji, thin slices of eggplant, battered and the deep fried. Excellent! Mughlai Chicken Biryan and Bhindi Masala (okra) was good as usual. Garlic Naan and some Tandoori chicken completes the meal.

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