Friday, February 22, 2013

Dumpling Cafe Boston

It's good that I'm such a calm person otherwise I might be really upset after 1. Trying to find on street parking in Chinatown at lunchtime 2. Having to give up and pay for parking and 3. Having the GPS trying to navigate me out of Chinatown, forgetting that I put it in walking mode while looking for the liquor store that was part of the reason for the trip. "Stupid thing! I can't drive there!". Anyway, the lunch at Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown was very pleasant despite having to share a table with two strangers but I really didn't mind.

This is a small place in Chinatown and the wall to the right is one big mirror. Service was quick with lots of waitresses working.

After ordering, I asked if there was any soup included and was told, only rice. Promptly thereafter, a bowl of soup arrived with some pork swimming in there and also some unknown veggie. Not very exciting.

Twice Cooked Preserved Pork at Dumpling Cafe was the reason for the visit. This is how it should be done, twice cooked pork belly, not sure what the preservation adds but it had a nice firm texture. Cabbage and leeks added a nice crunch and the Halapenos added a nice bit of heat. The smoked tofu was also nice and again I did eat the tofu. The sauce wasn't your normal brown glop but a tangy, glossy bean paste and chile sauce.

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