Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blue Ginger Wellesley

I really don't need an incentive like the Restaurant Week to visit Blue Ginger in Wellesley for lunch because I love the food here anyway but with the prices being what they are this helps.

They expanded the bar area a couple of years back and it now looks really nice with booth and bar seating. The dining room(s) is really nice decorated and the open kitchen add to the ambiance.

Water and bread basket was quick to arrive but then everything went to a standstill. The table next to mine had their waiter doing a disappearing act so they snagged my waiter so now my server was virtually absent as well. If he just had taken their order, then taken mine it would have been fine. Instead he took their order, checked their questions with the kitchen, got them drinks, walked around doing nothing then finally remembered me. I'm not in a hurry but 55 minutes to get my appetizer from when I sat down is a bit too long even for me. Normally the service here is impeccable but not today.

Shiitake-leek spring rolls with three chili dipping sauce served with a crunchy slaw was as good as ever. There certainly isn't anything Restaurant Week sized about the portions here, they are the same size as on the normal lunch menu.

I rarely order fish when eating out so I kind of surprised myself by ordering the Spicy salmon burger with cucumber kimchee and preserved lemon aioli but I figured that if I order it really rare it would be like eating sashimi on a roll. It was served with a bit of very nice crunchy slaw and some chips and I forgot to ask what they were since they certainly weren't your run of the mill potato chips. The burger was outstandingly good with both cucumber and kimchee underneath the burger and it was cooked perfectly.

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