Monday, July 8, 2013

Asian Gourmet Concord

It was a nice day for a drive so I decided to revisit Asian Gourmet in Concord. We now have some decent Taiwanese restaurants in Arlington so I haven't been here for a while.

Started with the soup dumplings and they were mostly delicious with a tasty filling of meat and soup. The top of the dumpling (where it's twisted together) was really dry and I don't remember that from the last time. The vinegar/ginger dipping sauce was very vinegary.

For my main dish, I went with the Chef's Special, Lamb in Spicy Sauce. Lamb, green & red bell pepper & onions in special spicy ma la sauce is what the menu said. It had plenty of la (heat) but was lacking the ma (numbing) part. The chef must have grabbed the wrong bin of meat because this was beef and not lamb. I'm not too happy about that and since I was filled up with the dumplings and only had a few bites of this and I didn't realize until I started in on the leftovers later on.

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