Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bamboo Bedford

Armed with another Groupon I went to Bamboo in Bedford for some Chinese food for lunch. Looking at the menu I noticed that the three Bamboo locations and the three Mandarin locations are part of the same chain.

Being a single diner, I again get relegated to the bar. It filled up pretty quickly.

Since we are splurging today I started with wings that were nicely presented with mustard and duck sauce and a little serving utensil. The wings were excellent, plump, juicy and perfectly cooked and tasting of chicken.

Salt and Pepper Calamari was a big heap of perfectly cooked calamari that was actually spicy! There was dried red chilies and fresh Jalapeno slices in there with some sliced lettuce and green onions. It was so good I finished the whole plate and that rarely happens.
I did have a look at the lunch buffet and there wasn't anything exciting there but if the wings are as good as the ones I got, I could go there just for the wings. The included sushi was the normal assortment of maki rolls, didn't see any nigiri at all.

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