Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Golden Garden Belmont

Golden Garden in Belmont is serving excellent authentic Northern Chinese food in addition to the standard American/Chinese dishes. Unfortunately, their lunch menu doesn't have anything exciting to offer but I needed to stock up on their homemade frozen dumpling so I paid them a visit for lunch today.

Interior is drab with hardly any decorations to liven the place up, dim lighting, unstable chair and inadequate AC and very few customers at lunchtime. The menu itself looks terrible, handmade and bound in cheap plastic covers but contains a lot of really good food. I had pork intestine with spicy sauce here once and it was delicious!

Decided to go with a couple appetizers and started with Dan Dan Noodles. They were listed under cold apps but was hot as they should be. They were lacking the red chili oil but had plenty of spice regardless, but the ground beef or pork was missing.

Steamed Bacon with fresh garlic was really good and didn't lack in garlic and the pork belly was tender. Really tasty dish.

Pork with Chinese Cabbage ($14.95 for 50) and Pork, Leek and Shrimp ($16.95) comes frozen and nicely labeled. In Chinese of course. Thin wrappers and delicious fillings make them a really good deal and you will always have something to eat at home.

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