Friday, November 22, 2013

Cafe Escadrille Burlington

Cafe Escadrille in Burlington is an institution that as been here forever and so have most of the menu. I used to go here occasionally for lunch, never anything exciting but decent traditional dishes. Service has always been very good, but the white nurse shoes that the waitresses were wearing really turned me off even if it might be appropriate for the age of most clients. I was pleasantly surprised to see how smartly the wait staff was dressed now and the white nurse shoes were finally gone.

It's a nice looking place with a large private parking area. You might want to park away from the rest due to the driving skills of the patrons.

The interior is nice with a big bar in the middle and lots of windows making the place look nice and bright even on a gloomy day like today.

Tuna Sashimi appetizer. The knife skills of a sushi chef are obviously lacking, but this was 5 nice thick slices of tuna with wasabi and pickled ginger served with a small seaweed salad.

I went for the Cheddar Burger with Asian Slaw. You also had a choice of fries and a few other sides. It was served very nicely in a make your own fashion and I really liked that. The onion was sliced as it should be and you got a whole pickle. The burger was ordered medium rare and was on the medium side but it was a nice coarse grind and it was juicy. Considering that this burger was only $2.95 more than the half pounder at Retro Burger, this was quite a deal even if you have to leave a tip here. The burger also included fries and that was another $1.50 at Retro Burger so for $1.45 more plus tip you get a full service sit down meal with linen napkin in a pleasant environment and professional servers.
I have now added a Friday Splurge label to the more expensive and upscale visits I plan to do on Fridays.

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