Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dabin Lexington

I have been to Dabin in Lexington before. I have no memory of what I had and that's probably why I haven't been back but the name popped up in another discussion and I had a look at the lunch menu on their website and decided to try it again for lunch today. It's located on a quiet side street in Lexington center and is easy to miss.

The inside is pleasant enough with the sushi chef residing to my left in the reception area. They were quite busy at lunchtime so that gave me a good vibe about the place. In the summer, they also have seating on the small outside patio.

As a single diner, I got two banchan, both of them were very tasty. My neighboring table of two oriental people got three dishes and they also got moist towels after sitting down. Not too happy about that.

I ordered the Dolsot Bibim Bab which is a Bibim Bab served in a VERY hot stone bowl. It's marinated veggies served over rice with beef and topped with a fried egg. The beef, what it was of it, was fairly tough, but the rest was just fine. There were some nice shiitake mushrooms in there as well. You can see the hot Korean sauce (Gochujang) that you mix in up in the right corner. Afraid of the sunny side up egg? Turn it over and it will cook, this pot is HOT.

Here it is, all mixed up and ready to eat. Why would you pay an extra dollar to get the hot stone pot? Because it goes from good to outstanding! The rice continues to cook and forms a crispy crust in the bottom that is really delicious. After eating about half of it and most of the banchan, I was going to take the rest home but continued eating and I finished all of it. Guess I'll be back.


  1. Please do not refers to Asians as orientals, we are not rugs. We are people.

    1. Sorry, Asians might have been more appropriate BUT:
      From Wikipedia: The adjectival term Oriental has been used by the West to mean cultures, peoples, countries, and goods from the Orient. "Oriental" means generally "eastern". It is a traditional designation (especially when capitalized) for anything belonging to the Orient or "East" (for Asia), and especially of its Eastern culture.
      From The Free Dictionary:
      1. often Oriental Of or relating to the countries of the Orient or their peoples or cultures; eastern.
      2. Oriental Of or designating the biogeographic region that includes Asia south of the Himalaya Mountains and the islands of the Malay Archipelago.

  2. Yes, i see your point,but the term is outdated-"traditional" used by the West. Asians never approved such a word. Nor, do Asian refer to themselves in such a manner. Should I use the N-word since the term was used in the 1960's and currently by rappers/sport stars of all nationalities within the US .Should I refer to Irishman as paddies? Or use any negitive outdated words because the White European countries used these words rather than the proper words because they never bother to ask or care? I see Eastern in the definitions, so why wasn't the word Eastern used? I refuse to trust Wikipedia based upon the concept that anyone may add "facts" to every entry. I am disappointed in your Asian friends for not correcting you, and for allowing you to use such a word. Well, I am happy that you are not refering to Asians as "yellow man", Gooks, Chinks or Japs. Lastly, I guess it is "All-White" when it using terms you deem fitting, but if the roles were reversed you wouls have outrage. I guess this is why forgien countries dislike Amercans-pure ignorance( lack of knowledge) ands its attitude of always being right (i.e. starting a war, issues with oil, etc.).

  3. Thank you for this comment helping to explain why the word is so problematic! I too read the entry and saw the word Oriental and was offended. Racism in this day is not ok, and justifying it with wikipedia when corrected is doubly not ok!