Friday, November 29, 2013

Strega Prime Woburn

Where to have lunch on Black Friday and stay from the mad crowd? Well, Strega Prime in Woburn opened recently where Beacon Grille used to reside and I have been dying to try it for lunch. It's part of a local Boston upscale chain and also really close to home.

Interior is as expected, plush and nicely lighted by the big windows. The bar area did a brisk business at lunch as well.

You get a hot BIG airy popover with salted whipped butter, what happened to just plain butter?

The interesting thing on the menu was the $21 Strega Prix Fixe 3 course offering unless you wanted the Dry Aged Rib Eye for $47! I was really curious as to what you would get. I started with a Caesar Salad and it was fresh with nice tender croutons. The dressing was nice and light but a bit sparse.

Followed that up with the Club Sirloin Steak that was served with Garlic Mash and Grilled Asparagus and also a red wine jus. The name confused me and I had to ask if it was a sandwich (club) or a real steak but as you can see, it was real steak, about 8oz according to my waiter. I ordered it rare and it was spot on with a nice sear on the outside, mash was good, a bit light on the garlic but the asparagus was really good with a nice sear without being overcooked.

Finished the whole thing off with some delicious macaroons. I must admit that I was a bit surprised by how good of a deal this was. Service was, of course, excellent. They also have a 12oz burger that I might be back to try when the burger cravings kick in.

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