Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thai E-sarn Cuisine Arlington

Went to Thai E-sarn Cuisine in Arlington for some Thai food for lunch today. The translation of the regional secret menu is still not done. She had some photos of the dishes, but that didn't really help. A gentleman who arrived after me also asked if the translations were available so hopefully something will happen soon.

Got my sunny window table again. Choose the salad to go with my lunch and it was nice, very fresh and an ample size. I have to figure out how to take pictures in direct sunlight, not too happy about these pictures.

Duck Choo Chee was marked as two peppers but come out at about one despite asking to make it two. The duck was nice and tender this time and the sauce was fine, but some of the veggies were a little bit overcooked, at least for me. Not a bad dish and there were enough duck to make me happy.

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