Saturday, February 1, 2014

Felicia's Stoneham

Felicia's of the North End in Stoneham is an old school Italian Restaurant that has been here for three generations. I just found out that they serve lunch 6 days a week and decided to give them a try today. I used to go here occasionally for Friday night dinner and drinks and was always happy with the food. Parking can be an issue at dinner but at lunch this wasn't an issue.

The bar area with the hostess. I always sat at the bar so this was the only thing I was familiar with.

The upstairs dining area. Dated? Yes, but nothing really wrong with that.

Just OK bread with a nice spicy dipping oil, it also comes with the small packets of whipped butter.

This was really the reason for the visit! Linguine with clams in a white sauce and much to my surprise, there was a number of fresh clams included, perfectly cooked. The whole thing was delicious, maybe a tad too much lemon, but I can live with that.

Picture corner of famous visitors. Waitresses were professionals and the service pretty much impeccable. The only drawback was that the median age of the customers was 90+ but, on the other hand, there were no screaming children.

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