Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pho #1 Woburn

The weather is so miserable and cold that I actually drove down to my local favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho #1 in Woburn. I think the food has gotten better and it seems a lot of people concur since you now have the get here early to get a table. I have to try the Pho again soon since the broth was never better than mediocre.

The Woburn Specials comes with spring roll, dumpling, dipping sauces and a bowl of chicken and noodle soup. They forgot the noodles today but apart from that everything was delicious.

Duck Basil with nice crisp veggies and some really nice pieces of crispy duck in a spicy sauce. Really nice dish, previously the duck pieces was from some unknown parts of the duck, but the last couple of times it has been a really high-quality duck, nicely rendered down pieces of breast. And all this for a whopping $8.95!

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