Friday, June 6, 2014

Chopps Burlington

Chopps in Burlington is in the Burlington Marriott and took over the space formerly occupied by Summer Winter. They bill themselves as a chophouse and the prices reflect that.

Gone are the copper-topped tables replaced by sleek modern furniture. Gone are also the staff dressed in jeans and aprons now replaced by staff dressed in black.

The menu said, "GEORGE’S BANK FISH SANDWICH TARTAR, SLAW, LEMON" and I guess the lemon fell off on the way to the table. There was a choice of fries and Chopps Tots so I asked if the tots were in any way special? Made in-house was the reply and it turns out that the fries are of the frozen variety so the choice of tots was pretty easy. They were pretty good, crispy and seasoned on the outside, but the inside could have done with some seasoning. One smallish piece of fish on a toasted brioche bun was cooked nicely with a crisp batter on the outside. Fish was unseasoned and so was the batter. The tartar sauce was undistinguished.

What used to be a pub is now an extended bar with a large seating area.

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