Sunday, August 10, 2014

WOW Barbecue Malden

Wow Barbecue has operated two food trucks for about a year and opened a BM restaurant in Malden about three month ago. They specialize in Chinese BBQ, or Chuanr (串儿) that originated in the Xin Jiang and Inner Mongolia regions in northern China hundreds of years ago. The food trucks do mainly skewers but are expanding the menu.

They are located in the center area of Malden and there is only on street parking. When I had lunch here today on a Sunday there was plenty of parking available. They are only open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

The inside is nice in a funky way, two big TV's, one had a slideshow of the available dishes going.

Bar area with more seating.

Sorry this is out of focus but this is how you order, everything on the left side is skewers, top right is appetizers. In the middle, there is WOW Spicy Pot Series where you can choose from Chili Crab or small or large grilled fish plus three sides. The grilled fish comes on the bone.

Skewers! Chicken Wing, Lamb with cumin, Chicken Heart and Chicken. Normally one order of lamb is 3 skewers as is the chicken but I got a special so I could try more stuff. The Chicken Wings was really delicious, the are marinated for 12 hours before they are grilled and come out with a nice crisp skin. Lamb with cumin was also good, make sure to order them medium or medium rare so they don't get overcooked. Chicken hearts can be chewy, but these was nice and tender. I must say that the chicken wings and the very tender and juicy chicken skewer was my favorites here.

You need to eat your veggies, right? Chives and Cabbage. Not too excited about the chives but that's just me, the cabbage, on the other hand, was super delicious! One of the best skewers today.

One big Scallop served with noodles and garlic chili oil. Really nicely cooked and also really fresh.
The next dish was a grilled oyster with the same garlic chili oil that was outstanding, a big fresh oyster just heated up, perfectly shucked and served in the shell but in my excitement I forgot to take a picture of it.

Eggplant, I'm not too excited about eggplant, nothing wrong with this dish but probably my least favorite one. Service was really pleasant with no language problems and the staff was happy to explain and answer my questions. 

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Full disclosure, this meal was on WOW Barbecue, but all the opinions are mine.

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