Monday, September 22, 2014

Cilantro Woburn

Cilantro Thai & Vietnamese in Woburn took over the space that was formerly occupied by Green Basil and they have been open for about two months. The menu contains your typical Thai and Vietnamese dishes with curries and stir fries and most comes in either lunch size or dinner size.

Interior is nice and bright.

They have some lunch specials, you might have to ask for the menu, that includes soup, app and a mains. I was having pho so out comes all the condiments including a slice of jalapeno and that's something that rarely happens. The chili garlic condiment was really good.

Dac Biet Soup. Beef noodle soup combined with sliced rare eye round, brisket, beef flank, tendon and tripe. I got the large ($7.75) by default, the smaller size is $6.50. I thought the broth was a bit weak but there was plenty of meat including very tender tendon. Not very busy at lunchtime, a few tables going and some takeouts.

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