Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Snappy Pattys Medford

Time to try the patties at Snappy Pattys in Medford. Between roadwork and school starting the trip on the back roads to Medford was a nightmare.

You can have three for $6.50 or pick and choose for $2.50 each and that's what I did. Top left is the BourbanQ - Colby, Bourban BBQ, Pickled Red Onion and next is the Jalapeño - Nacho Cheese, Pico De Gallo with the Texan - Bacon & Horseradish Cheese, Bacon "Secret Sauce" at the bottom. I might have gotten the first and third one mixed up but nevertheless they were all tasty with a beefy tasting patty on House Baked Olive Oil Brioche that was nice and crispy.

They were really busy at lunch and the pretty waitress had to hustle but that didn't seem to face her.

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