Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MuLan Waltham

It's only a twenty min ride to MuLan in Waltham, and there is plenty of free parking if you get there early enough.

Soup and water quickly joined the peanuts and pickled cabbage. They are using a laminated menu at lunchtime but they also now have the quality bound ones. The soup here is always very good, but today it was again just lukewarm.

Salt and Pepper Pork Chop lunch combo ($8.95). Apart from the standard (BIG) chicken wing and this is a proper chicken wing with both the wing and tender included. The salad was a seaweed salad (nice) and broccoli. I really really don't like broccoli but decided to try this and I have no clue what they have done but this cold broccoli was delicious. I'm still in shock. The pork was, as always, perfectly cooked and scrumptious. Love this place.

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