Friday, October 10, 2014

WooRi Arlington

Back to WooRi in Arlington for some more (hopefully) great Korean food for lunch.

I asked for some proper banchan and this is what I got. From the right we have cucumber kimchi (excellent!) followed by potato salad (?) and to the left a white kimchi that was also excellent, never had this before. On top is crispy shrimp, shell on and covered in a sticky sauce. This tasted really strongly of shrimp and was a bit weird to eat due to the shell still being on but I found myself keeping eating these guys.

Special Lunch Combo ($11) and this time I went for the pork belly and steamed dumplings as the snack. The dumpling was excellent, bursting with the filling and with really nice and tender skins. The pork belly was excellent too and was served with soft onions and beansprouts. I was a bit worried about the portion size since the Kalbi I had the last time was a bit stingy on the protein. This was a good portion with plenty of lightly grilled pork belly. You have a choice of spicy or not and the spicy version had a bit of heat. I'm really happy with my lunch today and they were pretty busy at lunch.

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