Thursday, November 13, 2014

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

I haven't done Lunch Buffet Takeout from Zaika Indian Bistro in Woburn since late spring but decided it was time do it again. This was no fault of them, just too hot over the summer for having lunch in my non-air conditioned office. I had a quick look at Y*** reviews before heading over and it unusual to see so many 5-star rating for a restaurant in the burbs. They certainly do a number of things right. Service here is always super friendly and helpful.

The Naan has improved and was nicely cooked today. Not too excited about a number of dishes that was on the buffet, so my box was kind of empty, but the Samosas was, as usual, very good. Chicken Wings was tender and juicy. The Saag was nice and spicy, and I even resorted to taking some Chicken Tikka Masala. The potatoes in the box were part of a mixed veggie offering, but I picked out just the potatoes because I like them. This is a very nice lunch buffet for $8.95. This is also dinner for tonight and wings and fries for tomorrow night.

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